Laundry Stain Disaster!

Modern Art in Markers

We have all been there, and if you haven’t, as a DiYer or future parent of a toddler, it’s only a matter of time before your get  Markers In The Laundry!  This came about for me from carelessly washing a shirt that was decorated by using regular old PrismaColor markers in with the regular wash. Usually such artistic endeavors should be soaked in soap by themselves, then tossed in the dryer to set. But C’est La Vie, here we are with pink marker all over my man’s favorite tee-shirts and white long underwear. That’s right, pink marker in the whites. My excuse is a head cold.

I scoured the internet, made a mess with some toothpaste, and began to wonder where on earth I put the WD40. Then I calmed myself and remembered that the best way to clean out most things is to water it down with more of it’s own base, or a solvent. We all know the trick of grease fighting dish soap for oil or grease stains, white wine for red wine, vinegar for fresh blood or most foods, and Marker……… Rubbing Alcohol?

So I doused the spots with regular old rubbing alcohol from my medicine cabinet, and scrubbed with my favorite toothbrush designated for odd jobs, and rinsed with cold water. Repeat until the color runs out of the fabric and toss back in the machine. Now I have heard that WD40 works wonders for marker on furniture, but may put holes in your favorite shirt. I wish you the best of luck and appreciate any comments and tips for your favorite laundry disasters.


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