I thought it would be neat to learn about the psychology of color, and it’s February so Red would be a nice seemingly basic place to start, Wrong! It turns out that primary colors have gotten a bit contentious lately. Yes that’s right, Primary Colors have been dethroned!

RED, YELLOW, BLUE are no longer the primary set, MAGENTA, YELLOW, CYAN are the primaries. If you have ever purchased an ink cartridge for your printer you see that the tech guys have known all along. The theory is that you cannot make a primary color, and that all colors can be made from the Triad. BUT if you take Magenta and add a little Yellow, do a little mix mix, you will make red! (and then orange.) Or if you take Cyan and add a little Magenta, you will get royal blue, and then purple. But how can this be! You are not supposed to make primary colors. That is the very essence of their Status and Title. So the next test, is can you make magenta. Adding white to red doesn’t really even make pink.

I was thinking that our modern abilities to make dyes, have just changed the way we see color, and has expanded our catalogue so widely that the tones that can be made from Red Yellow Blue, just don’t cut it any more. However upon further inspection Gauguin was using magenta, Paul Gauguin Siesta

As was Frieda,


And check out the dark magenta taffeta on this lady’s dress.

about 1609-10

Now to start to look at Red, we must see it as the child of Magenta with an influence of yellow.



Magenta is the center for universal harmony and balance in mental, physical, and spiritual realms. It’s influence encourages common sense and growth. It begs us to look in and develop out inner and outer selves, all the while enhancing our self esteem, presence, and awareness. Magenta is one of the most powerful colors and should be respected as such. Best as an accent color in a calming and cool toned environment, such as stone grays, blues, and greens with elements of water and metal. This is not a color that can be worn by everyone, and may insight a boastful attitude of arrogance or wipe one out with complete mental exhaustion.




Yellow brings in an uplifting cheerful influence. Yellow is of both the left brain with logical thought and our Solar Plexus, Chakra 3, governing the nervous system and metabolism. It inspires manifestation of our goals with confidence, enthusiasm, and vigorous decisiveness. Yellow vibrates faster then most all colors giving us the power to go with out emotions getting in our way. If your life is full of flux and going through a lot of changes, yellow can be too harsh and cause one to be argumentative and have feelings of disconnectedness. Not to be used in bedrooms, as it is too stimulating and can leave one’s thoughts racing before sleep. For this very same reason it is wonderful in a classroom or office, provoking memory quick thinking.





Red is the ruling color of our roots, grounding, and primal selves. It harvests the introspection of magenta and our inner and outer selves building passion and carnal desire. Inspired by yellow one is compelled to act on those desires. Like magenta it is very powerful and can be worn by the few with out disturbances and should be used as accents in rooms.  Many people can find discomfort in wearing Rubys as they are to inflammatory in their energy, enticing agitation and even aggression. Red in the bedroom disrupts sleep, one to feel over whelmed in their office, and can cause insatiability in the kitchen. It is best used in a board room where quick team power meetings take place.

Organic Apple


So there you have it. Be careful with these power centers, but have fun, accent heavy in your fire centers. And wear them on days you are feeling blue and need a pick me up. I think they are great for sporting events, fund raisers, and restaurants. I’m going to go eat an apple now. This red apple photo with the perfectly placed water droplet is inciting my insatiable desire to eat it.


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