Cleansing, Falling Apart and Picking It Back Up.

snow in Ocean City 2014

This cold weather is completely derailing my will to stick to my guns and continue on this Spring Cleansing Ritual. My body craves, hot chili, cheese, breads, coffee, and snuggling up with a book under the covers all day. I was beginning to see some real progress after my first 20 days. Then got hit with three snow storms in a row, and a total lack of sun, combined with St. Patty’s Day treats piling up around me. I gave in.

I try to make excuses with myself that surviving in the wild, the lettuces, berries, and greens of spring would not be up yet this year. Even though we have passed the Vernal Equinox, and the dates are right. This is proving to be a record breaking winter, as I type this I am looking out my window at the 8″ we received last night, in late March, on a southern NJ Island. Our wild ancestors would be scraping to make ends meet, and still trying to eat lots of fats to stay warm.

I was beginning to see some progress. Bloating in my face, that I did not know was there, went down enough for others to notice. I have been experiencing more energy since starting my morning smoothies. Emotionally I have been a bit on edge, and my skin is feeling very itchy and irritated. After binge eating, emotional eating, and even having a few glasses of wine. I felt like death for a few days, got constipated, and really was down on myself. I am determined to not give up. Watching this amazing interview with Ayurvedic Specialist, John Duillard was just the motivation I needed to get going.

He reminded me why I was motivated to cleanse in the first place. How important it is to be a powerful detoxifier, and have strong digestive power. Truly the secret to health and beauty, is just that. To be a powerful detoxifier. So well put.  “To Cleanse or Not To Clease” w/ Dr. John Duillard


My Plan to Rally and get back on the clean train:

Breakfast Smoothies. This is something that I will carry with me long after the cleanse. Breakfast smoothies are a amazing way to kickstart your day with tailored nutrients to your body. It helps prevent midday cravings, and makes my mornings productive and powerful. Mentally I am more awake and aware then any cup of coffee. I always start with a Banana, and 1.5 Cups of water. Then I add what ever fruit I have on hand, usually frozen berries, fresh if they are on sale. Right now I have Pineapple. About 1/8 Cup or small handful. I don’t want too much sugar, just enough for the flavor, nutrients, and fiber.

Supplements in My Smoothie. 

  • Brewers Yeast, for protein and B Vitamins!
  • Peanut-butter, EVOO, or Udo’s Oil for good fats, if my joints achy or I know I didn’t get enough fat yesterday.
  • Liquid Minerals. This is a big help to you Thyroid, and very important if you drink city water which is chemically treated with Fluoride, and Chlorine. Thyroid health is your best weapon against xenoestrogens. As well as providing the metals and minerals you need for the day, a trace mineral supplement improves your body’s electrical connections, and assists in hormone balance and production. The flavor is very strong and it’s detoxification strength can be a lot to start. Serving suggestions say 2 tsp. I started at 1/4 tsp and have worked up to a half so far.
  • Super Greens. A dense chlorophyll powder with the likes of Spirulina, Sea Weeds, Algae, and more. This helps strengthen your liver against the toxic chemicals it must filter on a daily basis, purely because of our environment. It also reduces inflammation, provides natural digestive enzymes, immune booster, skin health and vibrancy, and blood detoxifier.

The list of things you can add are endless. It is important to know your body enough to know where it needs boosting. I choose these because I need the most bang for my buck, and prove to benefit almost universally to all who take them. If you have irregular bowel movements, add ground flax seed. Crave chocolate, your minerals maybe low, there is not harm adding some dark cocoa powder.

Yoga: Well truly and importantly exercise. I am drawn to yoga because of the meditative peace. It works as a big stress reliever for me. Every type of exercise has this power. Twisting and binding moves add further benefits to detoxify, by squeezing the kidney’s and liver. Get your heart up and get the blood moving.


Meal Planning:  I have a lot of temptations at home because my boyfriend is not cleansing with me. He is in his own way, as the past two years he has transitioned from bachelor microwaved based eating into clean whole foods eating. But I currently have a ham, turkey meatloaf, and pasta leftovers in the fridge. When we go shopping, I make sure to get lots of fruits, nuts, and veggies that I can snack on and eat. By meal planning, I think more about times of eating. It is important to have healthy snacks sitting on my desk to keep me from getting hungry. Then I will have small meals at regular planned out intervals. If I get hungry, my cravings start and I will most likely grab something easy and not in the plan as opposed to preparing something right.

So now that I have myself back on track I pick up for a week of modified vegetarian. For me that means, eggs are ok, NO gluten (wheat/rye/barely), cows dairy,  corn, heavy starches like potatoes, alcohol, vinegar, and medicine like aspirin etc.

Good Luck, and let me know about your troubles when cleansing. What are your successes or hold ups.



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