Getting Grounded.

Image was borrowed from this fun article over at Red Book Magazine to help inspire your new spring garden.

Ever get the feeling that your emotions are unstable, flighty, or taking too much command of your life? Trouble accomplishing progress in your career? Maybe you find that you are floating about, not fitting into any group, or feel increasingly detached from your family. Your root chakra may need some attention.

Our root chakra, or the first chakra, ties us to our tribe and mother Gaia, or earth. Literally our ties to this world. This part of us develops in infancy as we come into life and learn to BE. As we grow, we then move into Doing, and Discover of Self. But first we must exist, and just BE. Be a part of this world and mankind. Throughout life it is natural to detach from our original tribe and flee the nest to join new ones. While others maintain strong ties to their original tribe and continue to aide in expanding it’s numbers. Traditionally this was the inspiration behind women leaving their families and joining those of their husbands. Modern social structures allow us to choose to stay, go into another, or build our own.

I have recently discovered great anxiety, or unrest in my own soul due to the disconnect with my tribes. I have long felt it did not suit me to be the black sheep in my original tribe.  But I have not replaced it with another. Moving around a lot has left me without a tight group of friends, and I am still unmarried and not integrated into a tribe that way either. So now I have a paradigm shift. Embrace my boyfriend and puppy. Put them into the mindset of family, and take care and nurture them. Spend moments of pause, in the wind turbine of day to day life. Just sit in the garden with them, and just BE.

The garden itself I have found to be the best source of therapy for an unbalanced Root Chakra. I am blessed to have a spot of land, but pots of soil on a fire escape work just as well. The key is the sun, the dirt, and fresh air. No Shoes, No Gloves, and No Sunglasses. Let the elements kiss your skin and get dirty. Sit down on the ground as you pull out the weeds threatening to choke the fruits of your labor.

I happening to be coming into this awareness at the end of the season. Fall. When everything seems to be coming at an end, or rest before winter. While reading about gardens, I realize that this is a huge part of the gardening season! What other amazing time to start than NOW!

Bulbs for summer flowers are planted in the fall, so they have time to root, come out of dormancy, and bloom just as the soil begins to warm up. So I set out to rip out old over grown weeds, and build new beds. Rip out grasses and begin to set into the soil little bits of life, that will bloom at the end of winter. Early blooming bulbs are like a salvation. Bits of happy color right when you think you cant take one more day of the grey and cold.

So here I sit, dirty, thirsty, sewing my intentions. Planting my dreams and goals. Grateful for the tribe I am building. Grounding my self and connecting back to the earth. Mornings in the garden bring me so much peace and energy. I barely notice that I have no coffee on those days. My stomach is empty, but my belly is full. I am strong and powerful and can lay the seeds for the goals I want in life.

With each bulb I laid an intention. The work was hard and meditative. But I know in the spring the color and life will come. The goals in my whole life now have a time stamp. To continue to foster them and push for my labor to bloom in the spring.



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