Thanks to Turkey, All the Healthy Goodness

Turkey is a mega lean, high protein, anti – depressant. The health benefits of this seasonal bird entice me to enjoy turkey all year round.

I would like to take this time to push the Organic Free Range industry agenda. They really do taste better. AND a healthier happier bird, makes a healthier happier meal.


Lean and Strong

Ok, the skinny on Turkey. It is a loved protein source for body builders and dieters everywhere. Proof that you can have a low fat high protein meal that tastes good. Virtually all of the fat is in the skin, which for me or others on a Paleo type diet plan… I am going right for that crispy skin. In just 4 ounces of breast meat you will find 65% of your daily value of protein, for a 2,000 calorie/day diet.

Mood Booster

Hidden under all that sexy lean muscle building protein lies a host of anti – depressant capabilities. Mainly from the protein L-Tryptophan, which is a major source of Serotonin. Your after turkey naps may be more likely caused by over eating, but napping with the smile on your face, and better sleep that night is all due to the Tryptophan. Not to mention the cast of Characters in the B-Complex family also ramping up the mood boosting vibes they are so famous for. Most available in Turkey is B3 or Niacin, B6, and B12.

Thyroid Health

Turkey is also a wonderful source of Selenium and Zinc. This dynamic duo gives a huge boost to your thyroid with hormonal production support and balancing. Both also contribute to fertility, lobido, and are crucial to fetal development. Not to mention Zinc is a super power house to balance blood sugar, boost enzymatic production, and clear up your skin and vision.

Kidney Stones & Gout, watch out

Turkey does contain Purines and Oxalates, which may exacerbate these issues for chronic sufferers. Purines breakdown into Uric Acid, so if you are suffering with gout regardless if you currently have a flare up, turkey might be a no go for you until your condition is under control. If you currently have kidney stones, or are just recovering, the Oxalates in Turkey may set you back a day or two in your recovery, or make the stones a little bigger and more uncomfortable to pass.

Herpes, Bio-Individual

The Herpes Simplex virus uses the L-Arginine protein to reproduce. The quantity of Arginine in Turkey is enough to set an outbreak into action. However Turkey contains almost double the milligrams of L-Lysine to L-Arginine. Lysine is a potent antiviral, and the most common cure to squelch a herpes outbreak. If you have chronic and frequent outbreaks, the Arginine may still affect you. But for some there may be enough Lysine to tip the scales into easing symptoms. If you notice an outbreak around the holidays this may be the culprit.

More on L-Arginine

Arginine is a protein that is used often in matters of the heart. It can ease Angina, and get blood pressure under control. As well L-Arginine has healing properties in blood pressure related impotence.

More on L-Lysine

Lysine is a major player in the absorption of calcium, therefore contributing to strong bone development and growth especially in children. This protein is also a player in Hormone production further balancing moods and supporting the Thyroid. Lysine also keeps you looking younger by assisting in Collagen Formation and Tissue Repair.

So enjoy your turkey this year with out guilt, and for the next few weeks as you get creative with your leftovers. Or go out and get some! It is easier then ever to get ground turkey, cutlets, and breast all year round. 



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