Stay Healthy this Winter


Water, Yin, Stillness,

IMG_0186Winter. I prefer to live in a temperate climate, with vast differences in my environment for all four seasons of the year. Still no matter where you are in this world, as we rotate around the sun, our surroundings change. The rhythm of nature adapts and alters ever so slightly.

I have a sister in Southern California, who is in tune so deeply that the subtle change in temperature has just as big of an impact on her, as my icy January has on me. If one becomes in tune, or in touch with this planet we live on, it is impossible to be numb to the effects of season. That numbness is too close to death for me, and I encourage you to get outside all year round, and realign yourself with life.

The water element is king in winter. Most illnesses consist of our sinuses running like a faucet, or painfully all dried up throats and nasal passages. Coughing out anything that irritates an overly wet or overly dry system. For many this is a hermit like season, curled up with books, television, and sleeping way more then necessary. But this is a season that can be full of energy, warmth, and powerful sexuality.

  • For grace and balance this season, we must look at all 5 senses.


Winter is a time of silence. Snow coats the forests like a blanket. Animals and birds have flown south, giving stillness to the branches. Sit and listen for these months. Call a friend, and just listen. Drive with the radio off. Learn to open your ears. Meditate in a busy house. Focus on the sound. Go into a wood, sit, close your eyes and listen.

Hearing loss or ear infections can largely be influenced by the body’s idea of expendability. If you don’t use your ears, and are not truly listening, the immune system there grows weak, and vulnerable.

See in Color

If you are cold, pull more warmth into your body with dark colors, like royal purples and navy blues. If you get overheated easily, embrace turquoise, grey, and whites. Powerful stones are Onyx, Turquoise, Obsidian, and smokey Quartz.

Feel Your Body

Stretch and exercise your spine, and legs. Well lubricated joints and stretching will offset that tight stiff feeling you get on a cold morning. Instead of turning the heat thermostat up… Lubricate with more Omega-3 oils and fats in your diet, and less Omega-6 oils. Yes eat more FAT! Then stretch out that back, your joints, especially legs and knees. Bones are also strongly influenced in winter, so be sure to get out side for that little bit of sun. OR eat lots and lots of dark winter greens in a bone broth for adequate vitamin D, cartiladge support, and calcium.

Take Care of Your Nose

Are you overly runny, STOP consuming all milk products and eggs until you are dry for at least 3 days. Dehydrate root vegetables to make chips, eat these instead of toast. Or are you all dried up? Hearty stews that cooked all night in a crock pot will fill you up. Drinking chicken broth made from a whole carcass, full of marrow, gelatin, and fat should fix you right up in no time. These tips also work for a wet/dry chest condition.


I love carrying around scents and smells. Truly when you are down, go to a shop and pick which smell cheers you up. Rosemary in your broth or tea works great for a female with a dry cough and tender breasts. SO many ways to play here. Citrus for the man in the dumps. Cedar for the man who needs more time in nature but cannot for what ever reason. Mint tea if you are overly moist and cold.

Water Power

Your main water element organ systems are the Kidneys, Bladder, and Adrenal Glands. These organs metabolize the water element itself, including warming and cooling the body. As well your sexual organs are heavily influenced by these systems. If you are looking to do a post holiday cleanse, look to a kidney cleanse. Or a kidney support program. If any of these are imbalanced, seek a health coach or homeopathic healer to assist you in regaining strength and youth.

Stay Balanced. 

Once you reach a comfortable temperature, and strengthen your immune system stay balanced for the rest of the season with..

  • Warm hearty soups to heat, or Tropical and Citrus Fruits to Cool
  • True whole grains, like barley, oats, wild rice, and quinoa
  • Roasted nuts and root vegetable chips
  • Fermented winter crops like sauerkraut, or Kim Chi
  • Enjoy smaller dark beans, saving humus for the summer and spring
  • Seaweeds, and steamed dark winter greens.

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