Winter Feng Shui Tips


We are in the days of Aquarius now. Not just a splashy musical. But the heart of winter. The most cuddly month of the year, no wonder St. Valentine’s Day falls half-way through. January 21 – February 18th.

I used always look to the next season in hopes of relief of the current one. A way to escape my imbalances. I have found relief from chronic discontent in my whole life, by embracing what is now. A big part of that is to embrace what mother nature is giving us. Right here and Right now.

For the northern hemisphere, February means cold, wet, grey. Achy bones, flus and colds, feeling all dried up, and never wanting to get out bed. Another thing I come across a lot in the winter, is a wishy washy feeling. Like our minds are wandering. We are so busy but not really accomplishing anything. So maybe I should just go to bed after all.

Nope wrong answer.


February is such a wonderful incubator. A time to reanalyze our New Year. Now is the time to really put in place habits and goals that will bring success to our dreams in the new year. There are so many goal setting blogs out there. And countless techniques to pick from. Find what is best for you. Keep trying until a technique works. Maybe the best way for you to achieve a goal is simply that. To try all of the different ways, BAMN goal achieved and habit made along the way!

Envision your New Year with me. 2015 is ours to be what we make it.


You can live without food for weeks. Without water you will be fine for a few days. Without Air, you may last only minutes. Air is the most vital need for life.

Since we are stuck inside with cold weather, why not take on an inside project! A great place to start to gain happiness and health this time of year is to balance the Air element in your life. Yes, Aquarius is the Great Water Bearer, spilling progress and innovation all over the place.  They get into all of the nooks and crannies of life, and pour into every situation leaving no angle undiscovered. Yet being ruled by Uranus, the god of the skies, puts them with LIbra and Gemini.  Air as their leading element.

Air and light come together in the home to form energy called ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’. The most important place to start in balancing a home or office is to CLEAR THE CLUTTER! The flow and movement of air in the home, is how your energy moves in your life. A cluttered home creates energy traps that stagnate energy, and can leave us struggling through the day feeling out of breath.

1) De-clutter,

2) Clean up the dust, and open curtains or windows for fresh air and daylight,

3) Bring in air purifying plants, or items to support each sector of your home.

If you clean up one room in the house this month, focus on the bathroom. In the balance of Yin and Yang winter is ruled by the WATER element.

So first 1) De-Clutter. Pull up the trash can and open up all of your cabinets.

  • Toss all make-up and beauty products you never use, that are expired, or old and messy.
  • Put aside all expired medication. This can be dropped off at a pharmacy for proper disposal.
  • Put all first aide supplies together.
  • Put all medication, OTC Remedies together.
  • Throw in a basket, bag, or pile, anything that does not belong in the bathroom. Put these away where they make more sense in the house.
  • Wipe off the shelves and place back what you decided to keep. Well organized. Take advantage of little boxes, baskets, like objects together. Etc.

2) Let in the Air and Light

  • Clean to a  sparkle!
  • Replace burnt out lights, or bring in more lights. This should be a very well lit space. If your bathroom is in the South, Southwest, or Northeast use soft lighting.
  • Use Mirrors to get more light bouncing around the room.
    • Don’t reflect the toilet or drain. This bounces the energy there and washes it all down the drain.

3) Bring Elemental Balance. Candles and stones in a calm zen spa environment.

  • Is your Bathroom in the Northeast and Southwest? Bring in a metal wind chime. Choose Accessories with circular shapes, in silver or grey.
  • Bathroom in the South? Bring in a Crystal Geode, or hang a Quartz in the window. Choose Squares, in yellows, pinks, or browns.
  • North? Fill your bathroom with lush tropical floor plants that love moist dark places. Choose rectangles, and greens.
  • East or Southeast? It’s all about candles! Use accessories in Reds and Triangles.
  • West or Northwest? Place still water in a urn. This can also be a clear glass container filled with glass beads and Luck Bamboo. Blues, Wavy Shapes.

Now have a spa day, pamper yourself and enjoy your new balanced Water Center in your home!




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