Superherb Turmeric


A Spice for three chakras


I spent a week with this spice. Trying to find new uses for it every day. Reading about it’s healing properties, and trying to find out.. Exactly WHAT is happening when it enters my body, that allows it to be listed as a potent spice for a laundry list of curative aspects, for an even longer list of diseases.

In Ayurveda, Turmeric is called “The Golden Goddess”.  It has been used traditionally in the healing protocol of almost every ailment. Could you use more turmeric in your life?  Yes I believe every one can benefit. The best part is that you cannot over do it, and there are no known side effects.

It wasn’t until I saw a picture of the flower that I finally understood. Here we have a spice so clearly powerful for our core three Chakras. The Sacrum, Solar Plexus, and the Heart.

Yellow, Powder, and the Solar Plexus

turmeric powder

Our Manipura resides between the naval and the heart. This is our center of Will Power, Energy, Laughter, and awakening to new levels of awareness. An imbalance here leaves us wasting away with so many desires that we cannot achieve due to complete inability to get moving. Our senses dull, we laugh less, and our minds soften. Quick tempers, while worrying about every thing dominate our thoughts. Too much time spent in fear, anger, and hate towards others leave our nervous system zapped and fried out. Our digestion slows due to lack of energy and our Pancreas, Spleen, Gall-baldder, Liver, and Stomach must all work harder with limited supplies to get the job done.

Turmeric can ease disease in the Solar Plexus by…

Pancreatitis –

  • Anti-Inflammatory in concert with Ginger, keeps enzymes moving out into the digestive tract preventing the pancreas from “digesting” itself, the main cause of pancreatic disease. 1

Stomach –

  • Preservative and selective anti-bacterial. That means it kills bad bacteria with a focus on Salmonella and E-Coli, yet it lets the good guys live like Lactobacillus and Biffidus. The powerful antioxidant preserves living meat as well. As it runs through our systems it nourishes the tissue and turns back the clock of aging. This is most evident in the lining of the stomach, and arterial walls. Use with Licorice in a tea to nourish and rebuild the stomach lining and ease digestive issues. 2

Liver and Gallbladder –

  • Turmeric can protect the Liver and Gallbladder from new damage, as well as healing the old. Over 86 studies show it’s protective properties from a wide range of drug and chemical exposure.  There is also evidence of turmeric regenerating liver damage due to diabetes and hepatitis! Protect, Heal, and Regenerate. 3

Nervous System Disorders –

  • “Curcumin demonstrates neuroprotective action in Alzheimer’s disease, tardive dyskinesia, major depression, epilepsy, and other related neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders.”
  • The properties in whole turmeric, as opposed to a curcumin supplements, prevent cell death, and modulate neurotransmitter function. For use in chronic depression, curcumin allowed the brain to maintain serotonin and dopamine levels.  4

Muscles –

  • Turmeric cleans, warms, and opens the capillaries through out the body, allowing for more nutrient and oxygen rich blood to reach the far corners of our body. This is crucial in degenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, Arthritis, and on. These circulation boosting properties are fantastic for any one looking to build muscle tone and strength. My favorite super star applications are for aiding cellulite reduction, restless leg syndrome, cold hands and feet, pins and needles issues, and most general cramps, aches, and pains. Circulation Booster

Love your Yellow, your inner sunshine by practicing positive thoughts. See the good in others. Point your face mind and thoughts to the sun. Eat more yellow food, and absolutely Laugh more.

Orange, Fresh, and the Sacrum

turmeric rhizome

Our Svadisthana at the Navel is our house of emotions. A healthy sacrum provides the ability to receive and give pleasure.  Low lobido is intricately tied to an imbalance in the body. Here in the sacrum imbalance can surface as insatiable food cravings, quickness to be jealous or envy others. As well as issues with UTI’s and other urinary or bladder disorders. Our inability or discomfort at enjoying the pleasures in life can push us into a depressed state where even a raspberry is too luxurious and we feel unworthy of it. Leaving a bitter sour taste in our mouths. What is sweet in life begins to be perceived as in poor taste.

Bladder and Kidneys –

  • Antioxidant, Anti-fungal, AntiViral, and Antibacterial properties boost the immune system and aide in maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Turmeric helps eliminate free radicals while supporting enzymatic activity in the kidneys. This keeps waste moving out of the body and prevents toxins from accumulating and causing disease. This is crucial for anyone looking to cleanse and detoxify the body. Keeping the exits flowing and clear ensures that the work you do to clean out all regions of the body does not go to waste, and become reabsorbed due to build up in the Urinary Tract.  5
  • Lower Back Pain – is often due to tender kidneys and or liver. Ease this tenderness by eliminating toxic behavior like sugar and alcohol consumption, while supporting these organs and helping them detoxify with plenty of antioxidants. Turmeric is a more powerful anti-inflammatory then most NSAIDs because it works to treat the underlying cause to the pain, not just blocking the immune response.

Sex Organs – ovaries, testes, womb, uterus –

  • In Ayurveda turmeric has long been used to treat issues with PMS. It’s stimulation and support of the Liver helps balance hormone levels leading to a more regular menses. This Hormone Balancing tendency plays a major role in the effects on a low lobido. Combined with circulatory health and tissue regenerating properties, you may find yourself feeling like a teenager after only a few days of integrating turmeric into your diet.


Pink and Green, Flower, and the Heart ChakraTurmeric

Our Anahata Chakra is our heart center and the unifying point of our physical bodily selves below and the etherial preceptive spirit from above. Imbalances here run through the blood and affect all centers of our body mind and soul. Diseases in this region of our body tend to be from build up of Ama or hardened mucus or plague from oxidized unprocessed waste. This chakra must be open and pure of mind and body, allowing energy to flow and be cleansed. Clean out and let go of unwanted build up of plaque or feelings of holding on to past hurts and your heart chakra diseases will dissipate.

Our heart chakra is the intersection of our physical and mental selves. The swirl and intertwine and breathe out to the world our direction or “Vibe”. Persons that tend to rub others the wrong way, or seem to infect a room with discomfort may have a tortured heart chakra. Just as important are those that give so much of themselves, always caring and taking care of others but neglecting their own needs and desires. This can leave the heart chakra open like a vacuum pouring out the vitality needed to sustain health.

Heart and Circulation –

  • This was the first area that I came across Turmerics superpowers. I was looking to find natural alternatives to reducing high cholesterol and athleroslcerosis. Turmeric came up time and time again. Curcumin has been found to reduce excess platelet aggregation, aka keeping blood from getting overly sticky.  Plus the higher oxygenation occurring in the lungs, the opening of capillaries, cleaning out oxidized plaque, and regenerating tissue are all crucial to healing from a lifetime of high cholesterol and plaque build up. A diet high in Turmeric along with Green Tea brings the One-Two knock out punch to heart disease. 7

Arms and Hands –

  • Turmeric’s anti oxidative powers and circulatory boosting capabilities have shown time and time again to be instrumental in all forms of arthritis. Most notably in Rheumatoid. In most studies turmeric supplementation blew Voltaren out of the water by greatly improving tenderness, and swelling. Plus the advantage of no nasty side effects.  8

Lungs –

  • The powerful Anti-Oxidant properties also protect the lungs from toxic over load. This cleans and supports the lungs allowing more oxygen to enter the blood stream. This is good for all organs, and issues with deficiencies throughout the body. Dissolve some turmeric into Ghee to ease asthmatic spasm, or deep coughs from infected lungs. 6


What also blows my mind is the Cancer fighting properties in all of the listed areas of the body. It is being used widely as a safe and highly effective chemotherapy alternative. Most of the time with higher success rates, and none of the nasty chemo side effects. It is no surprising that a rhizome so strong in bringing balance to three chakras that make up our core, can be on the the list to cure most any disease.

1. Dr Andrew Weil

2. Dr. Hyla Cass at

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7. Dr. Sinatra Integrative Cardiologist

8. Dr. Mercola

“The molecule is known to possess antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, antihypertensive, antihyperlipidemic, antitumor, anticancer, antiphlogistic, antidiabetic, antipsoriasis, antithrombotic, antihepatotoxic and many other useful properties. Besides its protective action in peripheral organ disorders, the molecule is known to possess neuroprotective properties as well”


4 thoughts on “Superherb Turmeric

    1. Hi Abbi! From what I have come across it IS a stimulant to the reproductive organs and should not be used in large quantities, like taking supplements or drastic increase in use. That being said, many indian women use turmeric daily in their cooking and do not discontinue it’s use during pregnancy. However their bodies are already use to having it in their diets. It is a very powerful herb, so if you would like to try it, ease it into your diet slowly. Maybe no more then a pinch in meals here and there at first. If you notice any discomfort in any aspect of your life stop immediately. Listen to your body, take it slow, and you will know if it is right or not.

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