Detox the Home, no more toxic cleaning products

Detoxing is all the rage these days. As more and more chronic health issues come to light, cleanses are becoming the norm. I love learning about the wonderful powers of “Flushing” out the system through juice cleanses, colon cleanses, and even liver cleanses.

But what if we cleansed out our personal environments? What if we stopped surrounding ourselves with these chemicals that require us to keep cleaning out our internal build ups of toxins? If we clean up the issues that are contributing to the toxification of our organs, then we can live more vibrant lives and spend less time worried about detoxing.


Starting at Home

When I talk about detoxing our environment the most powerful place to start is by detoxing our cleaning style. Cleaning products are the most often used chemicals in the home, creating daily exposures to known endocrine disruptors and stressors on our immune system.

I started using homemade cleaning products initially as a way to save money. One huge bottle of White Vinegar could clean almost everything my house for a year, and costs a third of a bottle of windex that lasts about two months. That is a 1,600% SAVINGS !!!!

When I started to learn more about making my own cleaning supplies for savings, I found myself among young mothers making health decisions for their autistic or otherwise learning-disabled children. This was viewed as a last ditch effort by women willing to try anything to save their children. The impacts that they found were huge. Soon mothers of children with basic allergies got in the game, and now I see a movement for those with skin irritations, headaches, or chronic sinus infections. There is even now a growing movement to prevent the onset of dementia by switching to safe products earlier in life.

Industry on the Green Movement ..

The environmental working group has rated all Windex Cleaners with a grade of D. They score a product based on it’s impact on the environment, acute health issues, and disclosure of these concerns by the company. That’s a failing grade in school, so why do we all have these products in our homes?

In 2009 SC Johnson finally made public the ingredients in their household cleaners, setting off a chain reaction through Clorox, Colgate-Palmolive, and Procter-Gamble. What this revealed was startling.

Most of note was the discovery that home cleaning products were the source of both acute and chronic aquatic toxicity. Aquatic Toxicity refers to chemical presence in our water supply and it’s impact on the marine life. Hazardous chemicals long known to hinder animal and plant life in our water ways were discovered in each and everyone of these products. This begs the question, how much of it ends up in our drinking water?

Since revealing their contents, and the resulting uproar from scientists, environmentalists, and concerned parents has sparked notice and some change. Walmart made a big push towards the Green Movement by requiring that all if it’s product suppliers must calculate the environmental cost of their products. Which they will then rate and post next to the price tags for the products on the shelves in it’s stores. Target also came forward to get in on the action. The idea is that consumers will choose to purchase products that are better for the environment, driving the market on a more environmental path.

This plan did work. HOWEVER, change is slow and they only address the impact of the products on the ecosystem based on where they used to be. NOT the effect they have on us, our pets, and our children. The products have gotten better,  but they continue to pollute our waterways once they are washed down the drain. So called “Green” products are better than their predecessors, but they still contain harsh chemicals, dyes, chelators, PH, preservatives, and fragrances all known to harm us.

The impact of these chemicals on our health has yet to be addressed. SC Johnson is leading the charge and may bring us truly safe cleaning products in the future as long as consumers push for it. Profit is what drives them, and as long as we vote with our dollar change will come faster.

Why bother?

Cleaning like the old days before the lab chemical revolution was safe and nontoxic. Removing these harmful chemicals from our homes is a key step in living longer more vibrant lives.

Picture in your mind taking a bottle of a highly toxic substance. A toxin known to cause allergies, decrease cognitive function, skin rashes, muscle cramping, and migraines. A substance indicated in countless diseases including decreased fertility, and increased incidence of birth defects. Now wipe that all over your surfaces where you prepare your food. Where you sit. Where your children play. Where you bathe yourself. Go ahead and spray it into the air. Breath in the toxins, let it splash into your eyes, get it on your hands, let it soak into your skin. Studies have shown this is what happens with a laundry list of chemicals, known toxins, leading to known chronic health issues, from chemicals in our everyday soaps and cleaning products. And yes even in the “Green” products.

We can do better.

Back to basics.

Have I convinced you yet? You can clean your home for 2% of the cost with products that are good for you, with products that are safe for your pet or child to even eat accidentally with out a hospital visit. Before your next cleanse or detox, consider detoxing your home instead. Look at the products you use everyday. Do you really know what it is made out of? Are you willing to continue the use of said products that we learn new contribute to more and more health concerns every day?

Next time you are ready for a cleanse detox your home first. That way, once you clean out your colon from all of the modern world toxins, they will stay out a little longer.


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