Natural Decongestant? Spicy Food Like You Don’t Even Know. 


In 2011 I gave up on my life. Literally  back pack and pillow, jumped on a boat full of hippies and ran off to the jungles of South America. I was 27 and a little bit lost to say the least. Long story short, I found myself living on a magical muddy river, surrounding by plants, birds, and sounds that I had only seen in pictures or never at all. It was amazing. It was surreal.


Then, I started to get sick. I was sneezing, sinus headache, cough, terrible. There are no stores to run into a grab a pack of Tylenol Cold n’ Flu, a can of soup, and some Riccolas. Followed up by a few days plopped in front of the tv until it passes. Nope, we were out there.

Some quick thinking on my partner’s feet, he force fed me super hot Wiri Wiri, aka jungle hot peppers. Then grabbed his contact solution and attacked me with it. Alternating shoving hot peppers in my mouth and squirting saline solution up my nose.

I fought feebly.

I drooled.

I slobbered.

I hacked out some icky.

Felt a little wasted, took a nap, and woke up COMPLETELY CURED!!

HotPeppaNow this is my favorite Sinus Infection / Seasonal Allergy go to. Spicy Concoction followed up with a Neti Pot Rinse. If you do it soon enough, you can stop the infection in it’s tracks and avoid getting sick all together.

It is truly horrible, for 2 minutes followed by such sweet relief. You gotta really do it. I mean really torture yourself. This remedy works wonders and can be the thing that flips your getting worse, into getting better.

There are basically two different types of spicy. Hot Peppers and Hot Mustards. Pick the one that you naturally find “TOO SPICY” in food. I find that eating them both provides a one two punch. Eat as much as it takes to get you crying and oozing mucus out of your whole face. A good partner that does not mind torturing you can be a wonderful asset making sure you do not back down or cut your set short of a rep, (shameless gym joke).


  • 1. Strip or wear clothes you don’t mind messing up. And get in the bath.
  • 2. Eat heaping spoonfuls of the hottest hot sauce you can find. Plus heaping spoonfuls of horseradish or wasabi.
  • 3. Remember this is all about getting things flowing. Really chew everything up in your mouth. Swish it around. Breathe as deep as you can. Do not fight it. Just “Let It Go”.
  • 4. If this kind of torture works for you, might as well make a little home pharmacy remedy. Toss the following your food processor…
    • 1 Raw Garlic Clove,
    • 3 Habeneros whole,
    • 1 tai chili whole,
    • 1 jalepeno whole,
    • 3″ fresh Horseradish
    • 2 tbs Wasabi
    • 2″ ginger
  • Store in the refrigerator in a sanitized jar. Because of all of the acid and anti-fungal properties of the ingredients, it should keep for a few years. You may need to add a little Olive Oil to make a nice paste.

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