Ayurvedic Wisdom, The Neti Pot. 

me neti pot

Ah yes the neti pot. This wonderful cleansing enema for the face. I find this to be hands down the best fix-it for sinus headaches, sneezes, throat icky, ear infections, pollution, dried up, can’t stop running, general sinus related what-ever the heck is feeling gross in the nasal passages.

The first few times you try it are very awkward, but once you get the hang of it, this can be a part of a daily regimen of self-care. Especially during cold/flu seasons, allergy seasons, or just to kick out the sneezes. I suggest this as a big part of everyone’s life if you live in or spend a lot of time in a major city.

Why? It literally flushes the system. Your nasal passages are filled with little hairs and sticky mucus to catch air born particles that we do not want entering the body. Think of it as the air filter to your HVAC System in your house. Sometimes you gotta hose that dirty thing off. Especially at the change of seasons. Our noses work the same way. Sometimes your gotta hose that dirty stuff out. Help your body do what it is naturally trying to do. That’s why I favor this over OTC Nasal Sprays that fight against what your body is trying to do, opposed to working with it.

Tips and Tricks: 

  • Neti Potting was not very intuitive for me. So do not get bewildered the first few times. Keep trying until you find your style.
  • Make sure you are using water from a safe source, free of parasites or chemical toxins.
  • Start with water at about 80-90 degrees. Or it will give you an ice cream headache.
  • Once you can handle just warm water, try adding a little high quality salt. Make sure it is fully dissolved.
  • I prefer to do this in the shower. Some like to hang out over a sink.
  • If you are really clogged up, blast your system with some spicy stuff first. Then try to neti pot again. You may be too clogged for the water to go all the way through. It is still helping especially if you are using salt. Keep trying everyday until it can run cleaning through and there is steady stream coming out.


  • With your neti pot already set up, in the shower.
  • Bend over, and tilt your head so that your chin and forehead are level with each other, and your are facing the wall with the nostrils stacked vertically.
  • Breath through your mouth.
  • Place the Neti Pot spout to the top nostril, making a good seal.
  • Pour solution in.
  • adjust the tilt of your head until you find the angle that allows the water to flow out of the lower nostril. The water or salt solution will flood the ears, drip down your throat, go all around, and pour out of the nose.
  • Do as much as you can.
  • Blow access out your nose, spit, shake, moan, what ever. Like the spicy flush, “Let It Go, Let It GooOOooOO,”. 
  • Do both Nostrils, repeat to your own personal threshold of torture.

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