Orange Juice Recipe, and Other Vitamin C Stuff

When I think of Orange Juice as a vitamin c powerhouse meant to keep my immune system up, I think a lot more about the color then the fruit. Keep reading for my favorite juice recipe, “Orange Colored Juice”.

Orange Juice


The Ingredients:

  • 1/2 your average bag of oranges, peel sliced off, with some pith remaining. (save these peels to make an all natural citrus cleaner.)
  • a pile of carrots
  • 2″ of ginger, or more!
  • 1-2 sweet potatoes or yams
  • 1 lime
  • 1/2 lemon

This makes about 1 pitcher full. In my juicer I run a little water after the ginger to help de-clog any fibers junking up the works.

The Theory of Vitamin C :

Vitamin C is potent stuff for viruses. From what I have been able to gather, when vit C enters the cells of the virus it makes them impotent, or benign. Paralyzes them if you will. But the virus will continue to replicate this cell. Therefore growing it’s little colony full of impotent couch potatoes that can be easily filtered out of your body. With enough vitamin c, all of the virus cells are rendered useless and the immune system can do an easy flush.

It works wonders as a preventative and curative.

Why fresh juice is the best?

A few years ago I came across and article claiming that recent studies show that orange juice does not have as much vitamin C as originally thought. But that oranges themselves are a great source. This made my head spin. How can a juice, a concentrate form of the orange, be less potent? Do the vitamins get destroyed in the process? Conspiracy theories are so much fun.

In researching the process of making industrial orange juice I cam across, solvents, coloring, and flavor packs. If you are bold enough read this article here:

and here:

Needless to say I stopped buying orange juice from the store, and I finally understand why the good Organic stuff is SOOOO much more expensive. Then I got freaked out by all industrial juice, and completely lost my trust for the industry. I had to buy a juicer. I wanted all of the nutrients and wonderful things the should be in my juice. And hey drinking only water gets pretty boring.

So yes the cost of fresh juice, organic juice, and/ or buying a juicer are all worth it. I do not drink the average juice. Most of it is no better then soda.


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