That Icky in Your Throat, and Other Annoying Allergy Crap.

When Pollen Knocks You Down… Fight Back!

Top ten home remedies so your life can keep moving.

I am such a brat when I do not feel well. Which is funny because I pretty much felt like crap for most of my life. Yeah I am that kid that has so many stomach aches, headaches, and just down days that everyone thinks you’re faking it. Over the years I have cleaned up and healed most of my issues. But every once and I while I get reminded that I am still human.

A few weeks ago I woke up with a system utterly clogged with mucus. Hard dry, we are here to stay, goop. In my throat, my nose, my eyebrows even felt tender. Heck even popping my ears was a struggle.

I know how it happened.

I wasn’t sleeping.

I wasn’t eating right.

My schedule was way to overloaded for the month of April. So my Immune System was tired and overworked. It was no surprise that riding on a bus next to someone who was ill, the same week the flowers exploded pollen every where. BOOM one sneeze and I was down. Magically through the powers of food and essential oils I did not miss a day of work. Here are the remedies that got me through. Click on the ones in blue for the details.

Spicy Food Like You Don’t Even Know. 

Ayurvedic Wisdom, The Neti Pot. 

Don’t Be A Chicken, It’s Just Broth–  check out this awesome article by Wellness Mama

Orange Juice, and Other Vitamin C Stuff

Life Under A Diffuser – While sick, I sleep every night with my diffuser on the night stand. Peppermint or Eucalyptus Essential Oils allow me to sleep through the night with no coughing fits.

Mommy Wisdom, Oil Up Your Feet – Putting essential oils on your feet, then covering up with socks does amazing things. Tiger Balm, Peppermint, and/or Eucalyptus are the best. How it works? Ill have to write another article.

Oil Pulling, How We Brushed Our Teeth For Millenniums

Echinacea, Best Anti-Biotic for Upper Respiratory Infections – If two weeks have gone by and you are not getting better, you may have developed a secondary bacterial infection. Echinacea is hands down the best anti-biotic for all upper respiratory infections, especially pneumonia. 2 capsules twice a day or up to 3 capsules 3 times a day for really bad infections. No more then daily for one whole week. Be sure to buy high quality supplements. Take probiotics in the afternoons for added support.

Before You Cough Drop, Shut Up. and other natural cough suppressants. – This is also another article in the works. But basically keeping your mouth shut is the best rest you can give a sore throat or congested lungs. If you have to talk for work, sucking on a clove numbs the area easing pain and stopping the spasm. Pineapple Juice does wonders for sore throats if you are hot and sweating. Honey and Lemons in hot water is best for those who are very cold.

Ditch the Perfume and Clear the Air – If you are having allergies, the whole system is overloaded. Cease use of all perfumes, air fresheners, scented hair care products, perfumed soaps in the shower, lotions, fabric softener etc. Also, dust like you have never dusted before. If you are worse during the day, de-clutter the office or where you are spending all of your time. If you are worse at night and in the mornings de-clutter and dust the bedroom. It is very important to not have anything stored under your bed. This is a recipe for chronic congestion in the mornings.

Tiger Balm, need I say more. – Chest, Back, Feet, anywhere it hurts. Sinus headaches can be immediately relieved by massaging a little Tiger Balm just over the eyebrows. Stay away from eyes, nose, mouth, and genitalia, Oops, yeah I went there. Wash hands very well after use. Or a scratch might be more sting and burn then you intended.  

Do one, and do them all. The more you support your body the sooner you will get better.

With Luck and Love,

Rachel and her Pickling Salt.


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