Diary of a Kidney Flush or Cleanse

After one false start, I buttoned down and successfully completed my Kidney Flush, Juice Cleanse, Pee-Fest.

I would suggest focusing your efforts over a weekend, where plans revolve around relaxation and fun. My energy dipped a little bit during the flush, and I was totally emotionally sensitive. I cried so hard one night, that I knew it had to be working.

What happened?


The Kidney’s rule over your internal water system, so it should not have been a surprise that the waterworks everywhere turned on. My sinuses liquified and my limbs became very flexible. My sweat was very stinky during and after, but now I don’t really need to wear deodorant. And peeing. Ohh the peeing. I never fully respected the pleasure of a good sit down, with a blasting release. lol.


In Chinese Medicine the Kidneys rule the emotions of Fear. Our adrenal glands sit right on top of these big filters, and control the On/Off switch to “fight or flight” and “rest and digest”. If you are frazzled and stressed out, the kidney’s may be stressed and that means keeping the “fight or flight” mode ON. This contributes to exhaustion, trigger tempers, and a complete lack of ability to tolerate just about any shenanigans.

The adrenal glands also regulate the Gonads, or sexy organs. Problems with the lobido and a lack of romantic inklings could also be from kidneys that are hard up and really in need of a flush, plus the added bonus of a relaxing weekend around the house free of social plans.

In Ayurveda the 2nd or Sacral Chakra is in charge. The element Water, kidney’s, bladder, sex organs, legs and arms. This IS the emotional center.

It should have been not surprise that cleaning these little buggers out, may also clean up buried emotions that you have been afraid to let go. Meditate on internal fears you have that may not get hang time in your thoughts. Really think about them. Are they real? Are they silly?

As you flush out ama or gunk in your filters. Flush out these fears. Let them go with all the other junk in your urine. Feel lighter, Feel cleaner.

Ready to do it? Get your instructions here.



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