Worn Down by Summer.

Worn down by summer?

You may have expanded your energy too far out of your body, leaving the core depleted and drained.


Sumer is the essence of the Yang principle and the Element of Fire. Signified by joy, laughter, bliss, and boundless free energy. Yet here some of us sit; tired, hot, and cranky with our main desires revolving around air conditioners and naps. Personally I kind of just want to lay around in the shade eating fruit, while drifting in and out of consciousness. This is all well and good for a few days, but pretty quickly bills go unpaid, clients feel abandoned, and it just isn’t that satisfying anymore.

I look at some people shinning and in full glory in the summer. That just is not me. I am mostly hot, annoyed, anti-social, and tired. Well that used to be me all year round, cranky  with alternating hot and cold depending on the season. I was always at odds, and just completely uncomfortable. Summer remains to be conquered.

So how do we harmonize with the summer?

Let’s talk about these ideas of Fire and Yang for a moment. It is undeniable that Sun Fire is King. Sit outside in the late afternoon and you know what I’m talking about. So here we sit on earth under the full power and glory of the sun. Some may say the flow of fire down to the earth started it all. Our spot in the “Goldilocks Zone“, where plants and animals, kept in perfect temperature zones, harness that fire and transform it into food and energy. The energy of my body, is no exception. We eat the plants made of Sun Power. We soak it up into our skin as Vitamin D, and use it for countless vital life processes. A living thing without access to the sun will not last very long.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 5.53.01 PM

Our Sun, with his big masculine hand encourages outward expansive movement. He warms us up, encourages us to freely strip down until only the bare essentials are covered. This Yang energy craves social interaction, getting out of the comfort zone, broadening of the horizons, and filling life with child like play and laughter. It’s all about the external and surface world in the summer.

If we have a deep well of energy and an anchor to hold the connection to our core, beautiful things grow. Life is splendidly happy. I think that this is the shangri-la, garden of eden, or fountain of youth. This tropical paradise in our souls that becomes manifested in life. Something happens when we expand too far outside ourselves. If that well, that deep reservoir of energy in our core is not well anchored, we expand too far outside of ourselves and the eternal cycle Flips Yin. Heavy, dark, tired, internally focused. The heat of the summer becomes oppressive, and we are exhausted, and easily chilled as soon as the sun goes beyond the horizon. So easily from the top we flip and find ourselves on bottom.

We flip to a state of depletion. First we loose all of our Yin, our internal anchor. Then with nothing to hold any energy to ourselves, we loose the Yang. Exhaustion sets in. This is the very process by which stars die. With no core planetary gravity to hold them together, they expand out. And out. Until there is nothing left, the energy is depleted, and the star is dead.

Often times you can see it in someone else. They are everywhere involved in everything, yet behind the eyes you can see it. The anchor is slipping loose. The boat begins to drag, the moment the anchor pops there is great acceleration. We are off with the current and out to sea! Whoaaah look at her go! But an anchored boat that was not yet meant to flow out there, is a different beast then a ship prepared to head out to voyage. The ship slipping loose is unmanned and under supplied. It will come ashore, and it will not be pretty. It’s gonna be laid on it’s side. It’s gonna be expensive.

This is what happens when your Yang expands too far out of balance. Yin depletion. Followed by Crash.

I had one of these this week. I saw it coming. Two weeks of sweltering heat, tons of work, and a packed social calendar. I did not stop to take care of my self. I was “too busy”. So I broke. I crashed. I cranked out. My life didn’t pause, but I was not fun to be around, and nothing was working right.

So what can we do? How do I stay in the expansive flow of Summer Fire and Hold onto my Yin as a firmly set anchor?

Water Controls Fire.

IMG_2952In Feng Shui, and the natural world, the water element controls and keeps fire in check. Too much water and the fire goes out. Just enough and you can maintain a nice cooking fire with out burning down the house. At the same time Wood fuels a fire. By controlling how much wood you put into the fire you control how big it really gets.

 – WATER, drink it, eat it, swim. –

Physically when we sweat the body looses lots of minerals. Natural oils seep out of the skin and are depleted deep in the body. Sweating is really good if your body is stagnant and full of Oily Ama. But such conversation is a much different topic. For those of us who are depleted, a wonderful way to replenish those minerals is to look to the biggest body of water I know. The Ocean.

Replenish Your Minerals

  1. Swimming in the Ocean is a wonderful healing practice. The movement teaches us to go with the flow. To let go of things. To let go of control. Fighting with the current will exhaust you. Going with the current will always take you to land. By soaking in the waters we absorb nutrients in through our skin, and can help a mineral imbalance. This however is not advised if you have a compromised immune system. IMG_3069
  2. I always keep on hand liquid mineral supplements. A few drops in a glass of water can total set me straight. Utah minerals is a readily available, and trustworthy company.
  3. Or you can mimic an ocean swim by soaking in a salt bath at home. Many grandmothers have sworn by epsom salt baths. Go even deeper with it and add some centering essential oils.

Calm The Liver

An excessive Liver leads to a starving heart, and depleted Kidneys. Kidneys are the home of our deep energy reserves, or Jing, and our Hearts contain our spirit, or Shen. The Liver is represented by the element Wood. A liver that is constantly expanding out and stealing up all of the energy is the most common way to deplete the Yin, and weaken the spirit. Stop the foods and behaviors that lead to an energy hungry Liver. Negative aspects that expand the liver are most notably Anger, Stimulants, and Intoxicants.


  1. Caffeine, coffee, sodas, energy drinks
  2. Alcohol, drugs
  3. tobacco and marijuana.
  4. Processed Sugar.
  5. Heavy Rancid fats and oils.

Without Yin and stable Blood the Spirit Escapes the body.

To establish a Yin Deficiency vs a Blood Deficiency, head to a mirror. Lack of yin tends towards red tongue and cheeks, hot palms and soles of feet with an abrupt or nervous manner. Blood deficiency shows up more as a pale tongue, face, and nail beds with sluggishness and a thin pulse. Deficient Blood points to a weakened or overworked Pancreas and Small Intestine. Focus on eating a clean diet low in sugar and protein. High in Veggies and Truly Whole Grains. CHEW CHEW CHEW. I cannot express the power of Chewing Enough.

Lack of Yin can be due to a Greedy Liver and/or deficient Sad Kidneys. If you are robust clean the Kidneys First with a juice cleanse, if you are weak clean the liver, then tonify the Kidneys. A Three Day juice cleanse, Eating lots of Watermelon, or Drinking tons of unsweetened Cranberry Juice can clean out the Kidneys.

Support and Tonify the kidneys with Wheat Germ, Wheat Berries, Mung Bean Sprouts, and Tiger Lilly BulbTea. Most importantly Calm the Spirit and Focus the Mind.

Concentrate the Spirit in your Heart.

If you pull your minds energy deep into your heart, you can create an everlasting anchor that holds you firm to your center. A Healthy Heart – Mind has a strong spirit. Once the spirit is safe and secure in the center life is filled with the wonders of the world. When my center is strong my mind is aware and full of clarity. Problems effortlessly break away, my temper dissolves, and the dreams and wishes for my life begin to show up, right on time, as if by magic. Combined with Healthy Kidneys, boundless energy flows.

How do we do that?

Eat simply, with the season, with few ingredients.

Fast Occasionally.

Practice Awareness.

Avoid ALL Stimulants: Coffee, Alcohol, Caffeine, Tobacco, Drugs, Processed Sugar

Lunch should be the biggest meal of the day. Eating late, or overly rich dinners contribute to insomnia, and scattered mental chatter throughout the day.

Stay centered, anchor your spirit, Nurture yourself, Nurture your Yin

Feel the Yang Energy blossom and flow outwardly with grace and balance.



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