Salt, White Poison or Life Saving

The nature of salt has long perplexed me. Our collective consciousness on high alert for Heart Disease, and turned salt into a poison. Yet high quality salt seems to be the ticket to making me feel energized. Sea salt is all the rage in gourmet cuisine. Restaurants touting their salt is most expertly flaked from far exotic shores hand harvested in pristine landscapes.

We know that quality has a major impact. Said fancy salt from above is clean of toxins and full of other micronutrients and minerals. While Mortons salt sits on the side of a major highway outside of Chicago. You can see it if you know where to look, piled up high in a warehouse with the bay doors open. I don’t know about you but that does not sound good for me.

Yet for some even the tiniest amount of the highest quality Sea Salt means pain and death. Or if you are like me the more salt the better, all top of the line of coarse.

How can this be?

Simply stated, every body is different.

But that is not enough to keep my curious mind at bay. So what is this white crystal doing to cause so much controversy.

Sweet and Salty, the perfect treat.

In some ways looking at Sugar helps us see Salt more clearly.  And who doesn’t love a salted caramel anything. The combination of sugar and salt tickles all of the happy brain sensors and leaves us wanting, wanting, and wanting. These two flavors are opposites in most ways. Being satisfied with both on the table is a near impossibility. I guarantee you’ll just get sick first. Food companies are very smart and they know this. Sweet goods are loaded with salt, and then even more sugar, creating a fever for the product encouraging more cravings. In the same sense savory packaged goods have an alarming amount of sugar! Then they add tons of MSG, and other salts to trick our minds into thinking we arn’t eating sugary sweets. Spend some time reading food labels you will discover this on your own.

So both these crystals play with the flow of energy and fluid in the body.

SUGAR is of celebration, ascending, dispersing, expanding outwardly, and harmonizing! Hence the burst of outward momentum and activity. Our energy flows out so fast and crash, then merp crash. Give kids candy at a playground and you will see this in action.

After all of that running around and sweating, a good boost of electrolytes can bring them back to center. Electrolytes are Salt-Waters!

SALT is grounding, pulls inward, strengthens the center and brings everything in and down. Comfort foods are often salty and umami. Few things are as comforting as a nice mug of salty chicken soup. Too much salt can make us hostile, cold, dried up or full of edema depending on the health of the kidneys.

Both of these are extremely comforting. When thinking about foods that we all crave, most people fall into two categories. Sweet or Salty. For me it depends on the day. I crave both. 🙂


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