Sinus Infections, Naturally

Ok so, I saw it coming. As soon as the weather cooled down from summer, I dried right up. Annnnd I kinda didn’t really do much about it. So my natural mucus layers around my sinuses and throat were not there to protect me from germs when I needed them.

There are little pockets of mucus in passages all over your face tucked up right next to your skull. The mucus is there acting as a filter, to catch germs, wrap em’ up in a goo, then release them to the digestive tract for destruction and removal. If your digestion isn’t working properly these buggers stick around and start to colonize.  If you don’t have mucus to trap them in the first place, or your drainage system isn’t in tip top shape, the little buggers set up a gypsy camp and party only like gypsies can.

So here I am, Sinus infection. Day 3, after resting and store bought soup. Eyes swollen, and getting worse every day. I had enough. Keep reading to see how I got better by day 5.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.48.07 PM

Science terms and stuff:

Frontal Sinus Cavity – forehead, tender to touch, & headache

Maxillary Sinus Cavity – high cheeks under the eyes, serious pressure.

Ethmoid – near the tear ducts around the eyes, see uneven swelling above. One lid is completely filled with fluid.

Sphenoid – kinda inside center, not near the surface, earaches

It all started Frontal for me, then moved to the Maxillary, and now call me googly eyes. Ethmoid. This isht is spreading fast. Time to throw it all I got. Grandma Tricks are flying in, and I am gonna try them all.

What I tried

  1. Non-stop Fluids:
    1. Chicken Broth – Very good to keep you warm. Wrap yourself up and sweat. Virus killer bromelain and L-Acetylcysteine, plus healthy gelatin to help gut process out the evil mucus encapsulated gypsies. Add in Fennel for more good mucus, Raw Garlic paste for anti-bacterial anti-fungal power, Oregano oil for the same germ fighting slam, and Turmeric for anti-inflammatory power. Vegetarian? Make a soup of Fennel bulbs and tops with the garlic, oregano, and turmeric.
    2. Ashle’s JuicePineapple has way more Bromelain then Chicken broth plus vitamin C! Check out her recipe here!  The juice did make me very very cold. So I would suggest that this one goes well with someone who is hot. Also an interesting note, I made mine extra spicy and got the sinuses running, sneezed a bunch, and now feel awesome. Or maybe try it warm if you are a vegan. The only thing I didn’t like about this was the heaps of sugar, so try to use a blender opposed to a juicer to keep that fiber for a slower release of the sugars.Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.31.43 PM
    3. WATER water, water do not under estimate the power of water.
  2. Inhale the Good Stuff:
    1. Bundle up and go outside. Fresh air makes me feel so good.
    2. Diffuse or steam 25 drops eucalyptus essential oil, with 5 drops tea tree, an d 10 drops lavender when you sleep. This works well with all upper respiratory infections. Add peppermint if a cough is present.
  3. Homeopathy:
    1. Castor Oil Packs on forehead, nose, and cheeks.
    2. Black Tea Compress, warm black tea bags over the eyes.
    3. Neti Pot, read article
  4. Supplements:
    1. Echinachea, flowers, leaves, and stems 3 capsules 3x a day, for 2 days, then taper off. – to prevent secondary bacterial infection
    2. Zinc – immune support
    3. Magnesium – immune support
    4. Probiotics – good guys to fight the bad guys
    5. Vitamin C – kills the virus – OJ, Pineapple, Orange food, and EmergenC
    6. Elderberry Chews – The ones I got were more like candy and had way too much sugar to do me any good. Still need to experiment with Elderberry.

What made the biggest impact? 

The Castor Packs made the biggest impact by far. It was mind blowing. I did only two of these. The first was on the 3rd day right after that photo above, and the second on the evening of the fourth day. Each time I sat for an hour with the diffuser on. Then took a hot shower with a deep neti pot session in the shower. Bundled up and drank some warm spicy chicken broth, all before tucking in to bed. By that next morning I woke up with no head ache, no snot, and energy. The supplements were great because they helped my body be strong over the whole coarse of the infection. But the broth, diffuser, neti pot, and castor pack gave the most powerful immediate relief that stopped the progression of the virus in it’s tracks and cleared my symptoms completely. Don’t just do one. Do them all.


5 thoughts on “Sinus Infections, Naturally

  1. Great recommendations for sinus infections! I haven’t tried the castor oil packs — can you give more info on exactly how you did them? I love the Neti Pot and I also do a pineapple, honey, garlic, cayenne pepper concoction in the blender.

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