Easy Squash, 4 Recipes

I Love Squash! In the Fall nothing gets me dialed into the season better then squash. No need to get all complicated, squash is best simply prepared. Here are some basic ideas plus a little sweat recipe and then a little savory.




  1. Delicata. A french fry alternative.DelicataFries
    • French Fries are my weakness, and few alternatives pack the perfect punch to fix my cravings. This recipe made baked sweet potato fries look like amateurs.Awesome seasoned with Cardamom, Cumin, and Fennel.
      1. Slice and Scoop.
      2. Toss in Oil and Seasoning or none at all.
      3. Roast 450 degrees 25 mins.

  2. Acorn. A guilt free dessert. I will be making this crowd pleaser for Thanksgiving this year!squahs and nuts
    • acorn-squash-a-truly-healthy-dessert Click for the complete recipe.
    • I covered the halves in Brown Sugar, Crushed Walnuts, Cayenne, and Butter.
    • Swap out the Brown sugar for Maple Syrup or Honey.
    • Pecans also work very well.

  3. Butternut. Cubed and roasted. butternutprep
    • Butternut is best on the sweet side with maple syrup and salt.
    • Or minced ginger and brown sugar.
      1. Peel, Halve, and Scoop
      2. Cube into 1″ Pieces.
      3. Coat in olive oil, and seasoning of your choice.
      4. Roasted 450 degrees for 45 mins.

  4. Spaghetti. Southwestern Fiesta. spagsquash_makingthymeforhealth
    • This one I have not tried yet, but I am so excited to make it my own.
    • Check it out and tell me how you liked it! Found over at makingthymeforhealth.com



Read more about the magic of squash on your Health, and why you should eat it more often!


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