Root Vegetables for Balanced Blood Sugar

I was cruising around the internet reading about the Pancreas, like what the heck is this little thing up to. Then I passed an illustration that blew my mind up. While studying holistic nutrition we are encouraged to study the nature of the plant, and the nature of the organs you are trying to heal. So when I came across this diagram, I immediately had to sketch it into my notes, and sit back.


What I see in this image is a root vegetable with a beautiful sprout and flower bud. BOOM! What we are looking at is the pancreas, common bile duct, and gall bladder. The shaded area shows intestines, with the liver above. What do you see?


So I of-coarse did some research on how root vegetables effect your blood sugar. It turns out AMAZING! Root vegetables balance the blood and support your pancreas.

Yes they are full of starch and concentrated sugars. Very High Carbs we are talking here. But if sugar is bad, then how could these be good for blood sugar?

Glucose is necessary for cell energy. Problems happen when we eat too much simple concentrated sugar, too frequently. This blows the system up. The trick with root vegetables are that they are very high in fiber, complex carbs. This fiber slows the sugar release down, and instead of a big explosion of sugar into the blood stream, you get a nice time release trickle of sugar.



YAYY Party time potatoes are not the devil!! Woooooot!

The best time to eat your root veggies is at dinner. Eating them at night, or before 9 PM, will provide you with a high energy morning and a fantastic poop to start your day!

Start by switching out your dinner sides, pastas, breads, and other simple carbs for root vegetables. Below is a list of the most delicious and most common. Pick one you have never heard of or cooked and experiment!


  • C O O K I N G    R O O T S:
    • Peel,
    • Cube,
    • Toss in Salt, Pepper, Oil
    • Layout in an even layer on a baking pan over parchment paper.
    • Roast 450,
    • till soft and lightly browned. Works for all roots vegetables.


  • Tubers:
    • Yams,
    • Sweet Potatoes,
    • Potatoes,
    • Jicama,
    • Crosnes,
    • Sunchokes,
  • Roots:
    • Carrots,
    • Parsnips,
    • Rutabaga,
    • Beets,
    • Celeriac,
    • Turnips

Radishes are fantastic sautéd with their tops, onions, oil, S&P.


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