Re-Mineralizing Tooth Paste, Don’t Drill – Heal

I have always had sensitive teeth, very quick to rot. No matter how diligent I was with flossing and brushing, my gums still bled. I have used every available mouth care product that I could get my hands on medicated mouth washes to super intense Colgate. Followed by a period of much needed Sensodine and Toms of Maine on my now sore, bleached out gums.

Nothing really worked to stop the progression of cavities, root canals, and headaches. Until I, in a desperate mode of I’ll try anything, started swishing oil in my mouth. It was unpleasant. But hey I am 31, missing some molars, had a tooth turning brown, and brushing is a blood bath. So what the heck.

Oil Pulling is the Gateway Drug.

It took about 3 days of adding Oil Pulling to my routine for the compliments to start flooding in. “Wow your teeth look really white today?”, “What are you using to whiten your teeth?”. “You see I put oil in my mouth and swish for 20 minutes in the morning after brushing, then heave and spit into my compost pile,” I say. “You should try it!”. Crazy looks. I smile.

A few weeks go by, and wouldn’t you know it. I now have 3 coworkers Oil Pulling.

My teeth feel so clean, all day. The anti-microbial properties of Coconut Oil, are actually killing the bacteria causing the decay and gum disease! Plus the layer of fat left covering my teeth act to protect all day long. My coffee cannot get through to stain while the oil continues to whiten. Magic.

Coconut oil you magical minx. Good for the whole body inside and out.

Read more about Oil Pulling in my Previous Post: Click Here.

I thought we were talking about tooth paste?

Right so, I started reading more about how our dental health works, and came across Weston A Price’s work with indigenous tribes in the 1930’s. What he found still rocks me. The modern first world countries all had terrible teeth, mostly all in full dentures by their 40’s, if you could afford it.

He went out into the bush, to people who had never seen a dentist. To peoples that did not know what a toothbrush was. What he found was this.

Perfect teeth. 

dr-weston-price-research TEETH dr-weston-price-research TEETH 2

What were they doing? What did our ancestors do?


Fat in the diet – Good fats, full natural healthy fats = good strong healthy bones

Clay in the diet – Clay absorbs toxins and promotes their elimination.

Chewing, lots of chewing.- Use your mouth. Don’t just swallow or pound you food down. Masticate.

Healthy good bacteria in balance. –  Maintaining a balance of the good guys, crowds out and creates an environment where the bad bacteria cannot grow.

Low Sugar Diet – Stop feeding the bacteria that causes the infections leading to tooth decay and gum disease.


The Recipe

That is when I came across this article by The Healthy Home Economist, who was healing her toddler’s cavities with a remineralizing toothpaste and Ghee supplements.

With some experimentation and wonderful advice from dear friends conducting their own tooth paste experiments, This is what we came up with.

  • Coconut Oil – 6 TBS
    • Or Sustainably harvested Red Palm Oil. Good Protective Fat. Whitening, Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial
  • Bentonite Clay – 3 TBS
    • Absorbs heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals to prevent their absorption into the body.
  • Baking Soda – 6 TBS
    • Scrubs! Plaque removers, and PH Balance for healthy bacteria
  • Lemon Essential Oil – 10-15 Drops
    • Whitening, plus disinfectant
  • Trace Minerals  – 30 Drops
    • Nourish the bones, remineralize, help cavity rebuilding.
  • Mint Essential Oil – 20-30 Drops
    • spearmint, peppermint, parsley. Not Winter-mint. Kills stinky bacteria, Freshens, and makes the toothpaste feel more familiar.
    • Optional, but comforting
  • Activated Charcoal – 1 TBS
    • Absorbs and traps toxins to prevent their absorption into the body.
    • Optional, use in combo with clay for frequent chemical exposure, or detox.


Mix completely. Store in a jar, or in a pastry tube to use like regular toothpaste. Do not use any Metal, or Stainless steel, as the clay and charcoal will absorb those metals, and not be as potent in getting toxins out of you!


Play with the ratios, and mixes until you find YOUR happy paste. Find more articles below.

Wellness Mama

Humbled Home Maker

Everyday Paleo

Dr. Weston Price


Many Thanks to Kaysey Sanford and Karen Keene.




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