5 Different Cleansing Detoxes, or Seasonal Fasting, a quarterly cleanse.


Why fast?

To give your body a rest from input, to allow for deeper cleansing.

Why Quarterly?

4 times a year nature does it’s own pause. Aligning your body with the environment can help you live more tapped in, and able to harness the natural boundless vitality and energy around you.

The Pauses.

Equinoxes and Solstices.

A two week period at the change of seasons, peaking in the middle 3 days. Based on the Earths orbit around the Sun and the tilt of the Earth’s Axis.

In December the sun is closest to the south pole bringing eternal sunshine while the north pole sits in total night.

In June, the sun sits up at the north pole giving the longest day of the year for the northern hemisphere, and the deepest winter nights in the south.

On the Equinoxes, the sun sits in perfect balance between the northern and southern hemispheres. This occurs in March, and again in September.

At each of these moments throughout the year, the light patterns pause, peak, and then blast into a seasonal change. So why not sync your body with this beautiful moment of letting go of the old season, and preparing for the new.

Tools of the fast.

  • Lots of water, and herbal teas.
  • The tongue scrapper.
  • A clear or lighter then usual schedule.
  • A support team.
  • A well stocked kitchen.
  1. Decide what kind of fasting is best for your body right now. Do you need a detox of a specific organ system? Fortifying? Or spiritual?
  2. Tell your friends for accountability.
  3. A tongue scrapper can help remove cravings.
  4. Plan for success. Plan out your dietary restrictions, your menu, and your time frame.
  5. DO NOT suddenly drop caffeine or any other habitual drugs, or you will spend the whole time detoxing with headaches.. Not fun.. unless giving up caffeine is the game lol.

CIMG0353 - Version 2.jpg

Pick your style. Here are just a few that I am familiar with! But with everything feel free the make up your own, in a loving challenge to yourself.

  1. Abstinence for Growth.
    • This is a great one for those of you still living the T.A.D. (traditional american diet) or for anyone trying to break a bad habit.
    • Give up one thing for 14 days. Be specific. Is it a food, a habit, or attitude.
    • For example; “no soda 14 days”, “no cursing”, “no phone while with friends”, etc.
    • Make sure it is a CHALLENGE.
  2. Juice Cleanse.
    • These are very popular right now. There are countless menus online, and you can even purchase your whole, pre-made juice kit! Not recommended to go any longer then 3 days. Also not recommended for anyone with blood sugar issues.
    • This is great for anyone who runs Hot, or eats a diet predominantly made of animal products.
    • I like to make all my juices on the first day, and jar them up ready to go. Be sure to have loads of veggies in your juice, not a ton a sugary fruits. As well it is best to get organic juice from a reputable source, or make your own. NOT store bought sugary juice beverages.
  3. Raw Vegan Gentle Cleanse.
    • This one is awesome for those that run Warm, and are robust. If you run cold like me, cook the veggies and enjoy lots of soups and teas. I also highly suggest this for anyone with most degenerative diseases.
    • Take the full 14 days to see an amazing powerful change in your body, your taste buds, and your attitude. This is truly great for everyone, and my favorite for the Summer Solstice.
  4. Single Grain fast.
    • This is a more advanced cleanse for those that do not like a juice cleanse, but still want to get deeper. As well anyone who runs cold, and has blood sugar issues this is great. OR to do during a chilly Winter Solstice.
    • Pick a whole grain like oatmeal, wild rice, barley, etc. This is the foundation of your meals. Eat an early lunch of said grain possibly with some small seeds, dried fruits, or lightly cooked veggies. Spend your morning drinking herbal teas and fruit. In the evening have more teas, broth.
    • For some it is more comfortable to have a large breakfast, then snack through the day. This fast is a good 3 day observance, with no animal products aside from the optional bone broth, and absolutely no processed foods.
  5. The Yogi Fast.
    • For a deep spiritual observance, only for the healthy and strong.
    • Consume only water and teas for 3 days.
    • No work, and only light exercise. Really listen to your body and spend most of your time resting or in meditation. Spend as much time as you can outside, unless in extreme heat or cold of coarse.


Another tip for success? Journal about any feelings that come up. Note a rise an fall of energy throughout the day, does it happen at the same time? is it around certain people? What are your cravings? are they coming from an emotional need, or a nutritional deficiency?

Message me your findings, revelations, or questions. I always love to hear from you all!!

You can always follow my fasts around the Solstices and Equinoxes on Facebook and Instagram. PicklingSalt.



Rachel Jamison

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