Spring, rise early and be outside.

“Rise Early with the sun, and take brisk walks”

“Reflect the ascending and active nature of spring”

– Inner Classic.


Spring Harmony Exercises.

This is the best time of year to start one of my favorite habits, Outside Every Day. We so need these beautiful moments of warmth from the sun right as the winter begins to fade away. The mornings are the brightest and warmest, peaking usually around 10 am. This is challenge #1, get outside everyday.

In spring, getting outside becomes such a beautiful experience aswe get to witness the whole neighborhood waking up from the winter over the span of a few weeks. Everything brown turns to green, then explodes with color. The hint of green and flowers all start slowly at first. I often hunt around for the little green sprouts of the early season daffodils, just to bring me comfort that winter is indeed almost over. Then the early flowers pop, and BOOM one day every leaf has doubled in size. There is also so much whimsy in the birds fluttering about fighting for seed, sprouts, and worms while flirting and courting their mates. The action really gets silly, and sometimes very noisy. Rabbits and squirrels get more active too this time of year. I started simply by enjoying my morning coffee in solitude watching the birds do their thing. Try for 10 mins every morning.

If you already play outside everyday, challenge #2 is to walk. No need to get fancy, just roll on out of the house and get to know your neighborhood. This clears this mind, gets my blood flowing, and sometimes I get to make new friends along the way! The fresh air clears my nasal passages of any old pollen I picked up the day before. I always want to get that stuff out right away to prevent a build up leading to an infection, or the sneezies. Once starting a morning routine of being outside, and/or going for a walk, it is surprising how much more tolerable work becomes.

Being outside everyday no matter the weather especially makes those grey rainy days feel much better. I actually grew to love these days the most. Looking out and seeing the grey used to make me feel soo blahh. Going out and being in the gross weather makes it so much nicer to be inside and my productivity sky rockets.

Challenge #3 wake up an hour earlier! This is especially nice to do in April. Winter time I sleep and nap often, with no shame. Come spring my ideas and wants and desires go up. I get need to put all of those ideas from the winter revere into action. So much more gets done in the mornings then late at night. Things are easy, that afterwork feel impossible to accomplish. My mind has yet to fill up with stress and distractions from the day, and once out of bed, the doing of things is simple. Just think what you could do with a super productive extra hour everyday!


“One cannot help but notice plant life pushing upwards after the winter’s slumber. The sight of the green color of tender young plants nourishes the soul throught the eyes. The appetite for food decreases and the body naturally cleanses itself, not only if food residues, but of excessive desire and the accompanying emotions of dissatisfaction, imaptience, and anger as well. … (Spring) is a time for contacting your true nature and giving attention to self-awareness and self-expression.” – Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods




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