Why eat Aloe Vera? yeah that spiky thing.

What is this spiky thing showing up in produce departments everywhere?

That’s Aloe Vera, a potent medicinal wonder plant. We all know and love the healing properties of Aloe when it comes to rubbing it our skin, but what about our insides?

Firstly, Aloe Vera is a succulent grown in arid climates, and prefers soil with poor nutrients. This wonder plant is able to conserve and store water and nutrients for extended periods of time. The secret is in the center, in the gel. This is a mucilaginous gel, that holds onto nutrients and most importantly moisture to keep the plant healthy.


Health Benefits

  • Gut Health
    • The main power of Aloe is the mucilaginous nature. When digested it soothes the walls of the digestive tract, most notably the small intestine. Aloe also helps to rebuild out own mucosal walls that help protect the digestive organs. I believe that purely by soothing, and healing leaky gut walls, one can see a huge list of health benefits.
  • Deep Hydration
    • In previous articles I have mentioned a deep level of hydration that simply drinking water does not provide. Aloe Vera helps to get in deep a lubricate the ligaments, tendons, organ tissue, and cartilage. As well Aloe moistens dry stuck mucus, while also thinning thick stubborn mucus. Aloe Vera is so hydrating that it actually helps our bodies absorb more water.
  • Blood Cleansing
    • Aloe Vera increases the oxygen levels in the blood, there for brings higher levels of oxygen into every cell of the body. Most modern people are living on low oxygen levels, urban dwellers and smokers suffer the most.
  • Hormone Balancing
    • This gel is very cooling, and can ease all symptoms of the over heated person. Aloe Vera is also one of the top natural foods said to ease the symptoms of Menopause as well as PMS. It increases the response of estrogen receptors in the ovaries and adrenals glands.m
  • Soothes Radiation Sickness
    • Aloe Vera is a wonderful addition to the diet of anyone under going radiation treatment for cancer.
  • Near Complete Protein
    • That’s right, it’s got 9 out of 10 of the essential amino acids.
  • Makes for good bowel movements
    • This gel lubes up the works and deeply hydrates the bowel, allowing for a natural long term relief from constipation due to chronic dehydration.


How to enjoy

The best way to play with Aloe as a medicine, is to buy the Whole Leaf and scoop out about a thumb size chunk of gel at a time. The leaf is self healing. I leaf it on the counter at room temperature and simply slice off what I need a little at a time. This plant is used to sitting out in warm weather with no water and plenty of sunshine, so it sits on my counter for weeks with little to no spoil. If it turns brown and soft, it probably is no longer fresh.

The juices in the store are very tasty. Watch the ingredient labels to be sure that you are not just adding in a sugary juice, and are truly getting a healthy supply of aloe.

I love to scoop mine into smoothies. The flavor disappears easily, and adds a little volume to my smoothie.

You can also stir some into a lemon, honey, tea. I have not tried this, so let me know if you do!


Potential Toxicity

Consuming Aloe can have laxative effects. This is a wonderful natural option for persons struggling with constipation, but terrible for persons with chronic loose stool. If you start to feel cold, weak, or develop diarrhea stop consuming aloe.

There is also a layer of latex on the inside layer of the skin. When preparing do not scrape the knife close to the skin, simply scoop out the middle. There is a layer of gel close to the skin that contains latex and made be difficult to digest. If you have an allergy to latex, Aloe Vera may not be for you.


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Aloe Vera FAQ







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