Feng Shui in Summer

When addressing holistic health, we cannot ignore the environment in which we live, work, and play. This article is about addressing the FIRE element in your home.

Do the exercise below if you are looking to switch to a non-toxic home, redecorate, or just refresh the energy. This feng shui article is a great guide for giving some summer love through the home.


July and August are really the peak of summer. In the elemental philosophy of the seasons, july22- August 21, Fire rules Fire. This is a period of all heart, and extreme Yang conditions. In the home we look to the southern most room, area, or wall.

I like to take my time clearing the energy in my home, taking a whole year to make one lap through the whole house. This involves cleaning, clearing, and decorating my space. It first started out as a way to unpack and create a beautiful space with out loosing my mind. Now this has become a yearly cycle where I slowly move from room to room, refreshing the whole house. Figure out the pace that suits you best. Do one space a month, one a season, or use the holidays as your guide. Heck you can even do one well determined week.


Summer, the South, and Fire

Find your south room.

  1. Draw out the floor plan of your home.
  2. Use a compass to line up the space with north, south, east, and west directionals.
  3. Draw a 3×3 grid of squares over top of your plan. Have this grid lined up with NSEW ignoring your walls etc.
  4. Label each section of the grid, based on where it sits.
  5. Focus on the southern wall, room, or area.

NW  |  N  |  NE

W  | center |  E

SW  |  S  |  SE

Fire is expressed and enhanced by…

  • Reds, oranges, pinks, magenta, maroon
  • lighting, candles, fire place, sunlight
  • triangles, pyramids, cones
  • reflective materials, glass and metals
  • imagery of animals and humans in a group or tribe
  • leather, wool, bone, feathers
  • Images of sunrise and sunset.
  • A little bit of wood is good.
  • Metal and earth items are also good.
  • Water will control and decrease fire.
  • Have one feature of each element in every room.

According to Chinese feng shui philosophy The fire sector of the home embodies your leadership, fame, recognition, and emotional interactions with people. If you feel unheard, or unseen, maybe feel a little coldness or disconnect with you community; you may want to consider enhancing your fire sector. If you have impulsive tendencies, impatience, or aggression at home; decrease the amount of fire elements in the room and bring in more water.

Start Fresh

  1. Go to this spot in your home, and empty everything out except for the furniture. Clean, dust, etc. from the top down. Take down photos, paintings, etc. You can even take the furniture out. This is when a garage really comes in handy. Or a back junk room.
    • the junk room will be addressed over the coarse of the year. I like to save this one for last, because in these first few rounds of energy clearing this room gets super useful.
    • Empty all of the drawers. Toss trash and junk. Place unused items in a box to be gifted out, or set aside for an end of the year yard sale.
    • Use only non-toxic cleaning materials. You can message me for my handy cleaning with essential oils recipe book.
    • Remove all chemical air fresheners, and artificially fragranced candles. Throw these out. Buy a diffuser for essential oils.
    • You can use this time to smudge by burning incense or herbs. I often find that cleaning with open windows and breeze also fulfills this purpose.
  2. Hang out in the space. Enjoy a cup of tea or juice while sitting in different spots looking around. Feel the space.
    • What is the purpose of this room in your home?
    • Is this space used heavily? Is it just walked past? Was there too much stuff for you to even enjoy the space?
    • Give the room a name. Give it a purpose.
    • Place seating where you have the best view.
    • Slowly thoughtfully bring items back into the space.
  3. Rearrange the furniture.
    • Have enough room to freely walk around.
    • View the room from all entryways, and seating locations. Is this pleasing to the eye?
    • Make all repairs, and/or remove anything that is damaged or broken.
    • Wash curtains and blinds. Use a fabric that allows in natural light, while also providing desired amount of privacy.
  4. In this stage only bring back pieces and items that fit the newly defined purpose of the space.
    • Anything that is not visually attractive should be placed in concealed storage. Like baskets, cupboards, drawers, bins, boxes. Use materials that accent the space and work towards increasing or decreasing the fire element. Repurpose items from around your home. Pay attention to color and material.
    • Keep all surfaces as clear as possible.
  5. Lighting.
    • Do you get natural sunlight? Add plants to work as air filters providing fresh oxygen into the room.
    • Dark corners? Add floor or table lamps to allow for beautiful task and mood lighting in the evenings. Go ahead and steal these from other areas of the home.
  6. Decorate to enhance the fire in the home, or to decrease the fire in the home.
    • Use the power of 3 to create interesting clusters of items.
    • go around your home and gather up all of the items you own that are made of the above listed attributes or materials. Use these items to decorate the space.
    • Place one fire item in the southern corner of every room in the house.
  7.  Decrease the fire in your southern room by bringing in water elements, colors, and features. Such as circles, imagery of water, a mini fountain, images of the moon, blues, blacks, and purples.
  8. Support your fire with Wooden objects.
  9. Highlight your fire with Metal and earthen objects.
  10. Make a commitment to honor this space by taking care of it, and not filling it with more junk. This is now a junk free zone.

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