Papaya, it’s not for everyone.


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A sweet exotic fruit, now popping up in grocery stores and on health food blogs everywhere. Before jumping into the papaya party here are a few things you should know.

I love this stuff, and use it as a magical tool to assist sluggish digestion. I am a foodie, loving to eat new things and occasionally feasting my way to a stomach ache. Sometimes this leaves me bloated, sluggish, and so uncomfortable. If time, tea, or rest doesn’t fix it, papaya saves the day. I grab smallest, fresh, very ripe papaya I can find. Toss a small scoop in my smoothie and after a day or so my body eliminates the garbage. I am very sensitive, and react very quickly. It usually only takes addition of papaya to my breakfast for one or two days to clean me out. Any more then that and I start to loose the ability to absorb nutrients from my food.

Papaya is a mover and a shaker. It is full of potent digestive enzymes papain, and chymopapain. This runs through the guts, digesting any and all food matter hanging around. It shakes loose whatever unwanted sludge is sticking to the walls of your digestive tract. This will create a lot of poop. Those with sluggish systems can benefit greatly from adding papaya to the diet to get things moving.

For some, there is little to no reaction. For others there will be an increased frequency in the need to poop. Some of these movements may show up a bit urgently. This increase in waste removal is good. This cleaning out is exactly the goal, in moderation of coarse.

This level of cleansing can be disruptive to our lives, and can be hard on the body if done to frequently or for too long. Papaya is best used only for a short time, during a healing protocol. Or infrequently as needed to encourage faster elimination. This is not to be abused as most laxatives and digestive enzymes often are. Using papaya too heavily, especially for rapid weight loss, can be damaging to the digestive tract. Not to mention terrible for your body, increasing weak digestion and nutritional deficiency.

Like I said Papaya is a mover and a shaker. If your body is on the deficient side with already fast elimination, this will only further worsen your condition. Reach out to me for other digestive healing remedies more appropriate for your unique body.

However if your digestion is slow, or if you have a bunch of junk inside, make papaya your best friend.


This stuff is fantastic to get a stagnant system moving, or to clear unwanted stuff from the digestive tract. It can be very balancing to excess of Vata or Pitta.

For the heavy meat eater. Papain is a digestive enzyme specialized in breaking down flesh. Add it to a marinade for a tough cut, or game meat. If you are a person that eats a lot of animal flesh, papaya will help your body digest and process everything optimally. A high protein diet causes an increase in bodily acid, as well as adding a lot of wear and tear on your system. Add papaya to your diet, then slowly decrease your animal flesh consumption to a lower optimal amount based on your body and lifestyle. Contact me to learn more about what this could look like for you.

Increase lubrication in your intestines. Papaya increases mucus secretions in the stomach and along the small intestine. Mucus protects your flesh at all of your openings and from your throat down to the anus. The consistency is important to act as both protection and as a lubricant. For this very reason it is a wonderful addition to your post-antibiotic recovery plan.

Bloat and Constipation Relief.  After an unusually heavy meal, enjoy some papaya for dessert to assist your natural enzyme production and get things moving. Bloat and gas are often from foods producing a large amount of gas while fermenting in the stomach. Digestive enzymes help to break down the molecular bonds of foods allowing for a smoother process. Bloat is a sign that too much food was taken, or the wrong combination of foods were taken. This results in a struggle, which papaya can help assist.

Those with a heavy toxic load. Papaya breaks the cellular walls of viruses, yeasts, and fungi. It is also very high in vitamin C, which blocks the microbes ability to replicate. Researchers are making a lot of head way in using papaya extracts to combat heaving hitting viruses AIDS, Hepatitis, and Epstein Barre. Tumors are also impeded by papaya, and will even begin to shrink once this fruit is added to the diet.

Other traditional uses include treatment for malaria and dengue fever, infections of the pancreas, flatulence, liver disorders, arthritis, and even as a dewormer.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Not for use in pregnant or lactating women, nor for men and women trying to conceive. Sadly, I have seen some articles out there promoting this for pregnant women. However I believe in trusting the cultures who have lived with this fruit for millennia. Their traditional doctors use papaya to abort unwanted pregnancies, and to decrease the ability to conceive for both men and women.

Also, papaya is not ok for use by individuals on Blood Thinners, or preparing to have surgery in the next few days. That being said I would also hold off if you are looking to get tattooed in the next week or so.

Those with severe latex allergies should avoid papaya or be especially careful not to eat any of the fruit close to the skin.

Discontinue use immediately if you experience any swelling, an itchy face, lips, tongue, throat, a rash, get dizzy, or experience abdominal pain.


I get the smaller ones because I don’t really use that much when I do need it. Choose a fruit that is green with a little yellowing and is fairly soft. If you desire a more potent enzyme content, choose a firmer less ripe fruit. The greener papayas have more enzymes.

Slice in half, and scoop out the seeds. The seeds can be dried and used in a tea, re-grown into a tree, or simply composted.

To freeze, peel and cut the whole papaya into chunks. Lay out on a baking sheet, and place in the freezer. Once solid, break up the pile and store in a freezer bag. This will keep your papaya in easy separate chunks. Freezing them in a pile creates a solid unusable mass.

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