Colds vs Flus ~ What is Ailing You?

Cold and Flu season started early for me this year. It truly kicks off when all of the kids go back to school, and all the germs get passed around like trading cards.

First we need to identify what we are dealing with. Mostly these colds start with a virus (some sort of “itis”). Then if things are slow moving, a secondary infection which is bacterial can develop. The Common Cold and the Influenza have similar symptoms but should be treated differently for faster results.


STEP 1: put a name on it.

COLDS comes on slow; dominating symptoms are in the chest, neck, and head

  • with a cold, you will be able to get away with going about your regular day with some rest in between. Eat regularly, adding in pineapple, chicken broth, mushrooms. Remove coffee, cheese, milk, pork, eggs, and nuts.

FLUS hit fast and hard; It will dominate your whole body, with tender muscles, and fever 

  • for a flu I clear my schedule and go to bed. Get hot showers and bundle yourself up, drink lots of warm beverages to induce sweating. Your body will create a fever to help cook the virus out. You can assist in the process by inducing a good sweat. If you wake up wet, get another hot shower and change into dry clothes, drink more hot beverages, and bundle back up. If your face is flushed and you feel too hot, then eat some pineapple to cool off.

Bacterial Infection: Hit some all natural antibiotics. Try doubling your probiotic dosage, or add in echinachea (purchase flower, stem, and root ingredients), Blow your nose, spit out stuff, keep the mucus moving.

There will probably be a lot more symptoms unique to you, or one thing really impacting quality of life. I usually get stomach aches from all of the mucus running down my throat into the digestive tract. The key is to pin point the dominating factors. It is easy to figure out what you have, just by paying attention.

If you you are chronically catching a cold or the flu, then it is time for some serious action. This means your immune system is either not supported and worn out, or that it is working very hard on an underlying disease. If this is you, consult a professional.

Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Rhino-Virus, Pharyngitis, -itis named by the location the virus has made it’s home.

STEP 2: Rest

Step 3: Kill it.

  • Bromelian:
    • The magic of chicken broth. Find the highest quality chicken broth in the store, and drink up. OR find a person that loves you to make some homemade broth from the carcass of a roasted chicken. Here is an article that I wrote about making Turkey Broth from your leftover thanksgiving bird:
    • PINEAPPLE! Bromelain is also in pineapple, If you are hot, or have a cough this stuff is amazing. Plus it is full of Vitamin C, and virus assassin.
    • Dr. Axe has a good article about Bromelain.
  • Vitamin C
    • This vitamin penetrates the cell walls of viruses and neutralizes their ability to replicate. Thus the population can no longer reproduce and the illness ceases when those cells die.
    • Eat foods high in Vitamin C. Here is a comprehensive list of foods in order from high to low.
    • Rose hip tea is also very high in vitamin C.
  • Mushrooms:
    • These guys are truly powerful medicine. Turkey Tail mushrooms show up in every single traditional healing book I open. Now I am seeing how truly powerful Shiitakes are. I prefer to buy the dried mushrooms, as they store much longer. Then when I whip up a stir fry, I freeze the soaking liquid. This then gets added to my chicken broth during my sick days. Last year I caught I terrible flu, and was only in bed for 1 day. Fully recovered in 2 days. Everyone around me was out on average for a full week and a half. Seriously. Mushrooms.
  • Anti-Viral, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial  Herbs to add to your broth or tea
    • Star Anise, fenugreek, sage, thyme, honey, licorice root,
  • Diffuse essential oils and/or rub those swollen lymphs. Create a blend of these.
    • Eucalyptus, Thyme, Lemon, Pine,



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