The power of Choice. 5th chakra power

I have been thinking a lot lately about the 5th chakra as a bridge between the heart and the mind. It is interesting how our neck even resembles the structure of a bridge between the torso and the head. I went back and read the excerpts from the 5th chakra workshop I held last month, and had some new insights about navigating my own struggle in making choices.

“Our mental energy powers the external world, while our heart energy powers our personal domains. For centuries our western culture has thought that emotional energy weakens our ability to make quick and necessary decisions, and that mental energy is virtually useless in the emotional domain…

If mind and heart are not communicating clearly with each other, one will dominate the other. When our minds are in the lead, we suffer emotionally because we turn emotional data into an enemy. We seek to control all situations and relationships and maintain authority over emotions. When our hearts are in the lead, we tend to maintain the illusions that all is well. Whether the mind is in the lead or the heart, the will is motivated by fear and a futile goal of control.

This imbalance of head and heart turns people into addicts.  From a control and energy stand point, any behavior motivated by the fear of internal growth qualifies as an addiction.” Any behavior that we use to hold ourselves back, to hold ourselves down, to slow down change and growth. With that definition I can say that I have even used books as an addiction, to procrastinate, and let time lapse in hopes that time will pass and make the choice for me. She goes on to say, “Any behavior that is usually healthy, even exercise or meditation, can be an addiction if it is used to avoid pain, or hide from personal insight. Any discipline can become a willful block between our conscious and unconscious minds, saying, “I want guidance, but don’t give me any bad news.” We even try to direct the very guidance we are seeking. Our lives end up in a seemingly endless cycle of mentally wanting change but emotionally fearing change at every turn.

The only way to break through this pattern is to make choices. Make choices engaged in the united power of the mind and the heart.”

It may not seem like it sometimes, but there are always many choices. If we combine the chakra theory above, and add in the Chinese concept of yin and yang, there are always 4 choices.

  1. Yin of the Heart
    1. This choice is one of self of love, selfishness, sometimes even lust or desire.
  2. Yang of the Heart
    1. This option is one of love for those close to us. The doing for someone else.
  3. Yin of the Mind
    1. This choice addresses the inner workings of the mind, morals, and conceptual ideals.
  4. Yang of the Mind
    1. This option revolves around external schematics, strategy, and feasibility.

These are very simplistic outlines.

“It is easy to keep oneself in a holding pattern, claiming that one does not know what to do next. But that is rarely true. When we are in a holding pattern, it is because we know exactly what we should do next, but we are terrified to act on it. Breaking through the repetition of cycles in our lives only requires one strong choice that is aimed at tomorrow, and not yesterday.

Yes it is frightening to leave the familiar contents of one’s life, even though one’s life is often desperately sad. Change is frightening, just ask the 1rst and 2nd chakras. Waiting for the feeling of safety to come along before one makes a move only results in more internal torment because the only way to acquire that feeling of security is to enter the whirlwind of change and come out the other end feeling more alive than ever before.”

There is also a 5th choice. That choice lies right in the middle. It contains some heart, some mind, detachment from the outcome, and faith that you will survive. This choice is the Middle Path. The path of least resistance. The path of sustainable growth. The growing edge. Balance. Vishuddha.


This post is inspired by and adapted from the writings of Caroline Myss PH.D.


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