3. Manipura


The EARTH is where it all begins.

Good soil helps us grow strong and steady,

Weak soil exposes our roots, and we easily tip over.

Soil too thick and heavy can choke us out, and keep us small.

WATER is crucial to life,

too dry and we splinter, too wet and we rot.

The Sun FIRE feeds our body and warms the soul.

Too little heat can cause stiffness,

while too much heat will burn the forest to ash.

Some METAL can be supportive,

too much cuts deep, or chops us down.

A nice metal wind chime can sing sweet songs in our branches.

The AIR swirling around us,

creates joy as we bend and sway.

A tree too dry, to stiff, in bad soil, with too shallow roots.

Is a tree that cannot survive a storm.


  • The three months between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice. Roughly Mar 29 – June 13







  • A wonderful time to focus on the 3rd Chakra, Manipura, and the Wood Element.



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