4. Anahata



“Un-struck cord, Unbeaten”

  • WHEN:
    • The three months between the Summer Solstice and Late Summer.
    • About June 29 – August 25
  • MIND:
    • A Yang season of Expansion,
    • pursuit of what you love,
    • exploration, travel, and play.
  • BODY:
    •  Physical Heart, Heart-Mind, Emotions, Eyes, small intestine, thymus
    • Yoga poses: lengthen the spine, open the chest, hug in
  • SOUL:
    • A wonderful time to focus on the 4th Chakra, Anahata, and the Fire Element.
    • Meeting place of “As Above, So Below”
    • Reflections of as with-in so is with-out.
  • HOME:

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