Add Flavor to Winter, 5 tastes


One of my rules, it that we shouldn’t eat anything that does not taste good. Those of you who have sat through my waxing on about the importance of chewing may have heard some of this before. The taste of our meals is a great pleasure in life. The color, texture, smell, and flavor all combine together to create a truly sensual experience.  Close your eyes the next time you bite into a favorite treat. Really give into the sensation.

Some of you may find that your favorite snacks can be a little off putting once you really sit down and pay attention to it. While other food items may blossom into favorites. I have found that when I am paying attention, the horrid taste of food colorings, metals, cleaners, and pesticides become unmistakable. At the tame time the sweetness of carrots, and complexity of an olive transitions into a divine moment in time.

All of this flavor is important. So important that all ancient medicines have quantified them into 5 predominant categories. Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent, and Salty. You see the flavor means something. It is an indication of the nutrients that reside within. If something tastes good to you, your body wants those nutrients. If something tastes bad to you, your body does not want the contents of the food. SImple as that.

The very nature of these 5 Tastes, informs their influence.

  • Sour
    • liver and gall bladder
    • Earth and Fire
    • yin, cooling, contracting, gathering, absorbent
    • dries and firm up tissue
    • Increase Pitta/kapha, decrease vata
  • Bitter
    • heart and small intestine
    • Air and Space
    • yin, cooling, contracting
    • energy descending
    • dry excess fluids, drain dampness
    • Increase Vata, Decrease Pitta/Kapha
  • Sweet
    • Spleen-Pancreas, Stomach
    • Earth and Water
    • Yang, tonify, strengthen,
    • expands upward, and outward.
    • increase tissue and fluids
    • increase kapha, decrease vata/pitta
  • Pungent
    • lungs and large intestine
    • Fire and Air
    • Yang, expansive, warming,
    • moves energy up and out
    • stimulate digestion, and move mucus
    • increase vata/pitta, decrease kapha
  • Salty
    • kidneys and bladder
    • wood and fire
    • yin, cooling, centering
    • moves energy inward, and down.
    • softens, detoxifies
    • increase pitta/kapha, decrease vata

When we look to harmonize with the winter, we actually want to look towards flavors that cool the surface of the body, and draw our energy inward and down. We are also in general looking to reduce Kapha, and increase Pitta. Early winter most of us will be focusing on a decrease of Vata to offset any imbalance picked up over the autumn. However, be careful not to push the see-saw too hard if you life in a home with dry heat. Vata can then take over your mucus membranes leaving your lips chapped, throat dry, and nose sore.

Let us take a brief look at the different flavors and the winter season.

Classically Bitter and Salty are promoted in the winter because these flavors provide a sinking,  and centering quality. Both of these flavors also cool the exterior of the body, and bring our heat deeper and lower. A cooler surface will create a less drastic difference between the skin and the air, resulting in more comfort.

The salty flavor can be emphasized if you have a slight build and require more flesh for insulation. This taste also creates moisture, and can lubricate a body that tends towards dryness.  In winter most people can tolerate a little more salty flavor in the diet. NOTE that we are not talking about salt itself, but more the flavor and taste of saltiness, and should be used with caution by the excessive, over weight, lethargic, person with high blood pressure. Examples include barley, soy sauce, miso, pickles, and sea salt. Seaweed is an exception to the rule and can be used by everyone, especially those with the conditions previously listed.

The bitter flavor is very strong and can have an influence by adding it into the diet in even the smallest amounts.Small regular amounts in the winter will nurture the body deeply, and preserve joy in the heart through out the darkest of winters. Some foods with the bitter flavor include watercress, endive, turnips, celery, asparagus, carrot tops, citrus zest, and cabbage. Most medicinal herbs are bitter, and a display of this flavor’s healing potency. Unlike the salty flavor, bitter has an influence on reducing heat in the heart and liver, clears mucoid plaque, and lowers blood pressure.

I also like to include the Pungent Flavor into my diet in the winter. Pungency has a tendency to increase the digestive fire, and stimulate movement. This stimulation when taken in the morning or at lunch can help relieve the tendency towards stagnation. Plus just enough spicy heat added to a dish can warm the body significantly. Taken in larger amount pungent foods will cool the blood by pulling your inner heat up and out. Just enough will warm cold hands, feet, and nose in winter. My favorite winter pungent tastes include an inch or two of ginger added during cooking, or to offset cooling effects of a green smoothie. And a pinch of cayenne topping every dish. Garlic is another favorite winter pungent taste.  Add minced garlic to the end of cooking to boos the immune system, and as a preventative anti-viral while the flu makes its rounds at work. r

In summation this winter experiment with the Salty, Bitter, and Pungent flavors. Find your favorites and take back your health.

Pungent = for the Cold and Damp, ^PV

Salty = for the Cold and Dry, ^PK

Bitter = for the stagnant, ^V


The power of Choice. 5th chakra power

I have been thinking a lot lately about the 5th chakra as a bridge between the heart and the mind. It is interesting how our neck even resembles the structure of a bridge between the torso and the head. I went back and read the excerpts from the 5th chakra workshop I held last month, and had some new insights about navigating my own struggle in making choices.

“Our mental energy powers the external world, while our heart energy powers our personal domains. For centuries our western culture has thought that emotional energy weakens our ability to make quick and necessary decisions, and that mental energy is virtually useless in the emotional domain…

If mind and heart are not communicating clearly with each other, one will dominate the other. When our minds are in the lead, we suffer emotionally because we turn emotional data into an enemy. We seek to control all situations and relationships and maintain authority over emotions. When our hearts are in the lead, we tend to maintain the illusions that all is well. Whether the mind is in the lead or the heart, the will is motivated by fear and a futile goal of control.

This imbalance of head and heart turns people into addicts.  From a control and energy stand point, any behavior motivated by the fear of internal growth qualifies as an addiction.” Any behavior that we use to hold ourselves back, to hold ourselves down, to slow down change and growth. With that definition I can say that I have even used books as an addiction, to procrastinate, and let time lapse in hopes that time will pass and make the choice for me. She goes on to say, “Any behavior that is usually healthy, even exercise or meditation, can be an addiction if it is used to avoid pain, or hide from personal insight. Any discipline can become a willful block between our conscious and unconscious minds, saying, “I want guidance, but don’t give me any bad news.” We even try to direct the very guidance we are seeking. Our lives end up in a seemingly endless cycle of mentally wanting change but emotionally fearing change at every turn.

The only way to break through this pattern is to make choices. Make choices engaged in the united power of the mind and the heart.”

It may not seem like it sometimes, but there are always many choices. If we combine the chakra theory above, and add in the Chinese concept of yin and yang, there are always 4 choices.

  1. Yin of the Heart
    1. This choice is one of self of love, selfishness, sometimes even lust or desire.
  2. Yang of the Heart
    1. This option is one of love for those close to us. The doing for someone else.
  3. Yin of the Mind
    1. This choice addresses the inner workings of the mind, morals, and conceptual ideals.
  4. Yang of the Mind
    1. This option revolves around external schematics, strategy, and feasibility.

These are very simplistic outlines.

“It is easy to keep oneself in a holding pattern, claiming that one does not know what to do next. But that is rarely true. When we are in a holding pattern, it is because we know exactly what we should do next, but we are terrified to act on it. Breaking through the repetition of cycles in our lives only requires one strong choice that is aimed at tomorrow, and not yesterday.

Yes it is frightening to leave the familiar contents of one’s life, even though one’s life is often desperately sad. Change is frightening, just ask the 1rst and 2nd chakras. Waiting for the feeling of safety to come along before one makes a move only results in more internal torment because the only way to acquire that feeling of security is to enter the whirlwind of change and come out the other end feeling more alive than ever before.”

There is also a 5th choice. That choice lies right in the middle. It contains some heart, some mind, detachment from the outcome, and faith that you will survive. This choice is the Middle Path. The path of least resistance. The path of sustainable growth. The growing edge. Balance. Vishuddha.


This post is inspired by and adapted from the writings of Caroline Myss PH.D.

Colds vs Flus ~ What is Ailing You?

Cold and Flu season started early for me this year. It truly kicks off when all of the kids go back to school, and all the germs get passed around like trading cards.

First we need to identify what we are dealing with. Mostly these colds start with a virus (some sort of “itis”). Then if things are slow moving, a secondary infection which is bacterial can develop. The Common Cold and the Influenza have similar symptoms but should be treated differently for faster results.


STEP 1: put a name on it.

COLDS comes on slow; dominating symptoms are in the chest, neck, and head

  • with a cold, you will be able to get away with going about your regular day with some rest in between. Eat regularly, adding in pineapple, chicken broth, mushrooms. Remove coffee, cheese, milk, pork, eggs, and nuts.

FLUS hit fast and hard; It will dominate your whole body, with tender muscles, and fever 

  • for a flu I clear my schedule and go to bed. Get hot showers and bundle yourself up, drink lots of warm beverages to induce sweating. Your body will create a fever to help cook the virus out. You can assist in the process by inducing a good sweat. If you wake up wet, get another hot shower and change into dry clothes, drink more hot beverages, and bundle back up. If your face is flushed and you feel too hot, then eat some pineapple to cool off.

Bacterial Infection: Hit some all natural antibiotics. Try doubling your probiotic dosage, or add in echinachea (purchase flower, stem, and root ingredients), Blow your nose, spit out stuff, keep the mucus moving.

There will probably be a lot more symptoms unique to you, or one thing really impacting quality of life. I usually get stomach aches from all of the mucus running down my throat into the digestive tract. The key is to pin point the dominating factors. It is easy to figure out what you have, just by paying attention.

If you you are chronically catching a cold or the flu, then it is time for some serious action. This means your immune system is either not supported and worn out, or that it is working very hard on an underlying disease. If this is you, consult a professional.

Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Rhino-Virus, Pharyngitis, -itis named by the location the virus has made it’s home.

STEP 2: Rest

Step 3: Kill it.

  • Bromelian:
    • The magic of chicken broth. Find the highest quality chicken broth in the store, and drink up. OR find a person that loves you to make some homemade broth from the carcass of a roasted chicken. Here is an article that I wrote about making Turkey Broth from your leftover thanksgiving bird:
    • PINEAPPLE! Bromelain is also in pineapple, If you are hot, or have a cough this stuff is amazing. Plus it is full of Vitamin C, and virus assassin.
    • Dr. Axe has a good article about Bromelain.
  • Vitamin C
    • This vitamin penetrates the cell walls of viruses and neutralizes their ability to replicate. Thus the population can no longer reproduce and the illness ceases when those cells die.
    • Eat foods high in Vitamin C. Here is a comprehensive list of foods in order from high to low.
    • Rose hip tea is also very high in vitamin C.
  • Mushrooms:
    • These guys are truly powerful medicine. Turkey Tail mushrooms show up in every single traditional healing book I open. Now I am seeing how truly powerful Shiitakes are. I prefer to buy the dried mushrooms, as they store much longer. Then when I whip up a stir fry, I freeze the soaking liquid. This then gets added to my chicken broth during my sick days. Last year I caught I terrible flu, and was only in bed for 1 day. Fully recovered in 2 days. Everyone around me was out on average for a full week and a half. Seriously. Mushrooms.
  • Anti-Viral, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial  Herbs to add to your broth or tea
    • Star Anise, fenugreek, sage, thyme, honey, licorice root,
  • Diffuse essential oils and/or rub those swollen lymphs. Create a blend of these.
    • Eucalyptus, Thyme, Lemon, Pine,



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Papaya, it’s not for everyone.


Papaya Inside.jpg

A sweet exotic fruit, now popping up in grocery stores and on health food blogs everywhere. Before jumping into the papaya party here are a few things you should know.

I love this stuff, and use it as a magical tool to assist sluggish digestion. I am a foodie, loving to eat new things and occasionally feasting my way to a stomach ache. Sometimes this leaves me bloated, sluggish, and so uncomfortable. If time, tea, or rest doesn’t fix it, papaya saves the day. I grab smallest, fresh, very ripe papaya I can find. Toss a small scoop in my smoothie and after a day or so my body eliminates the garbage. I am very sensitive, and react very quickly. It usually only takes addition of papaya to my breakfast for one or two days to clean me out. Any more then that and I start to loose the ability to absorb nutrients from my food.

Papaya is a mover and a shaker. It is full of potent digestive enzymes papain, and chymopapain. This runs through the guts, digesting any and all food matter hanging around. It shakes loose whatever unwanted sludge is sticking to the walls of your digestive tract. This will create a lot of poop. Those with sluggish systems can benefit greatly from adding papaya to the diet to get things moving.

For some, there is little to no reaction. For others there will be an increased frequency in the need to poop. Some of these movements may show up a bit urgently. This increase in waste removal is good. This cleaning out is exactly the goal, in moderation of coarse.

This level of cleansing can be disruptive to our lives, and can be hard on the body if done to frequently or for too long. Papaya is best used only for a short time, during a healing protocol. Or infrequently as needed to encourage faster elimination. This is not to be abused as most laxatives and digestive enzymes often are. Using papaya too heavily, especially for rapid weight loss, can be damaging to the digestive tract. Not to mention terrible for your body, increasing weak digestion and nutritional deficiency.

Like I said Papaya is a mover and a shaker. If your body is on the deficient side with already fast elimination, this will only further worsen your condition. Reach out to me for other digestive healing remedies more appropriate for your unique body.

However if your digestion is slow, or if you have a bunch of junk inside, make papaya your best friend.


This stuff is fantastic to get a stagnant system moving, or to clear unwanted stuff from the digestive tract. It can be very balancing to excess of Vata or Pitta.

For the heavy meat eater. Papain is a digestive enzyme specialized in breaking down flesh. Add it to a marinade for a tough cut, or game meat. If you are a person that eats a lot of animal flesh, papaya will help your body digest and process everything optimally. A high protein diet causes an increase in bodily acid, as well as adding a lot of wear and tear on your system. Add papaya to your diet, then slowly decrease your animal flesh consumption to a lower optimal amount based on your body and lifestyle. Contact me to learn more about what this could look like for you.

Increase lubrication in your intestines. Papaya increases mucus secretions in the stomach and along the small intestine. Mucus protects your flesh at all of your openings and from your throat down to the anus. The consistency is important to act as both protection and as a lubricant. For this very reason it is a wonderful addition to your post-antibiotic recovery plan.

Bloat and Constipation Relief.  After an unusually heavy meal, enjoy some papaya for dessert to assist your natural enzyme production and get things moving. Bloat and gas are often from foods producing a large amount of gas while fermenting in the stomach. Digestive enzymes help to break down the molecular bonds of foods allowing for a smoother process. Bloat is a sign that too much food was taken, or the wrong combination of foods were taken. This results in a struggle, which papaya can help assist.

Those with a heavy toxic load. Papaya breaks the cellular walls of viruses, yeasts, and fungi. It is also very high in vitamin C, which blocks the microbes ability to replicate. Researchers are making a lot of head way in using papaya extracts to combat heaving hitting viruses AIDS, Hepatitis, and Epstein Barre. Tumors are also impeded by papaya, and will even begin to shrink once this fruit is added to the diet.

Other traditional uses include treatment for malaria and dengue fever, infections of the pancreas, flatulence, liver disorders, arthritis, and even as a dewormer.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Not for use in pregnant or lactating women, nor for men and women trying to conceive. Sadly, I have seen some articles out there promoting this for pregnant women. However I believe in trusting the cultures who have lived with this fruit for millennia. Their traditional doctors use papaya to abort unwanted pregnancies, and to decrease the ability to conceive for both men and women.

Also, papaya is not ok for use by individuals on Blood Thinners, or preparing to have surgery in the next few days. That being said I would also hold off if you are looking to get tattooed in the next week or so.

Those with severe latex allergies should avoid papaya or be especially careful not to eat any of the fruit close to the skin.

Discontinue use immediately if you experience any swelling, an itchy face, lips, tongue, throat, a rash, get dizzy, or experience abdominal pain.


I get the smaller ones because I don’t really use that much when I do need it. Choose a fruit that is green with a little yellowing and is fairly soft. If you desire a more potent enzyme content, choose a firmer less ripe fruit. The greener papayas have more enzymes.

Slice in half, and scoop out the seeds. The seeds can be dried and used in a tea, re-grown into a tree, or simply composted.

To freeze, peel and cut the whole papaya into chunks. Lay out on a baking sheet, and place in the freezer. Once solid, break up the pile and store in a freezer bag. This will keep your papaya in easy separate chunks. Freezing them in a pile creates a solid unusable mass.

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Life is Happening For You.

“Life is not happening to you. It is happening for you.”

  • Tony Robbins

I was watching the Netflix special “I am not your guru”, when Tony Robins demands this concept into the hearts of the audience. I hit pause. Grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down. These things in life that feel soooo-ugh-horrible, are actually gifts.

Since I watched the special about a month ago, this statement has been appearing over and over again in spiritual talks and readings. Even last night in a webinar on “Wound and Trauma Healing”. Tim Kelley and Jeffrey Van Dyk talked about the concept of your trauma being the training course for your purpose. It is the place where you learn all of the tools and skills needed to full fill your higher purpose. What a concept! When I was at school for health coaching, we worked on a similar idea. The exercise is to write your story, go deep, and in it you will find the most powerful place to stand from as you go about healing the world. Reach out and help others who are suffering what you have to healed.

To me this all comes full circle, or full karmic spiral. With this one statement, so many esoteric concepts click into place.  I strongly believe that our souls are placed here on earth, to have a human experience, to advance their education. The soul is a being of it’s own right. In fact it sits deep within my body, behind it’s wants and needs. It sits even deeper still within my ego, behind it’s wants and needs. Deep in there, my soul is the only thing that is actually me. The vehicle for this experience is the body, the avatar. My ego is here to protect the avatar. Me and my soul are here to learn, to grow, and to be of service. These things that happen to us, are part of the lesson plan. No matter how horrific or difficult these lessons take form. They are lessons I am meant to learn, so that I may develop the tools to relieve suffering.

This life is not happening to you, it is happening for you.


What in life has been your greatest trial? Go to that place, release it’s hold on you. Heal. Serve.


With Love,


Easy Healthy Snacks, 1 apple 1 celery 2 dates.

I cannot tell you how easy this is to whip together. Not to mention super fresh tasting, and delightfully sweet.  This is a fantastic snack for the Pitta and Kapha doshas out there, especially on a warm day. Add dairy in if you are a Vata dominant


  • 1 Apple
    • Core removed
    • sliced then chunked
    • toss in squeeze of lime juice to prevent browning and preserve.
    • pitta, sweet apples
    • kapha, all apples
    • green to support liver and gall bladder health


  • 1 Stalk of celery
    • Cut off nasty bits, slice length-wise, dice
    • pitta- kapha


  • 2 dates
    • Pitted
    • Diced, slowly, these are delightfully sticky.
    • pitta-vata
    • kapha use dried figs, or raisens.


  • 1 wedge of lime or lemon
    • Squeeze over the apple to keep fresh for 2 days.


  • optional cottage cheese -VP, yogurt -V, or goat cheese -K
    • I added this in, as the snack was a little bit dry for my Vata-Pitta taste. This is also a great option to add in for those of you with higher protein needs.


  • This recipe was inspired by Anthony William – The Medical Medium.


Feng Shui in Summer

When addressing holistic health, we cannot ignore the environment in which we live, work, and play. This article is about addressing the FIRE element in your home.

Do the exercise below if you are looking to switch to a non-toxic home, redecorate, or just refresh the energy. This feng shui article is a great guide for giving some summer love through the home.


July and August are really the peak of summer. In the elemental philosophy of the seasons, july22- August 21, Fire rules Fire. This is a period of all heart, and extreme Yang conditions. In the home we look to the southern most room, area, or wall.

I like to take my time clearing the energy in my home, taking a whole year to make one lap through the whole house. This involves cleaning, clearing, and decorating my space. It first started out as a way to unpack and create a beautiful space with out loosing my mind. Now this has become a yearly cycle where I slowly move from room to room, refreshing the whole house. Figure out the pace that suits you best. Do one space a month, one a season, or use the holidays as your guide. Heck you can even do one well determined week.


Summer, the South, and Fire

Find your south room.

  1. Draw out the floor plan of your home.
  2. Use a compass to line up the space with north, south, east, and west directionals.
  3. Draw a 3×3 grid of squares over top of your plan. Have this grid lined up with NSEW ignoring your walls etc.
  4. Label each section of the grid, based on where it sits.
  5. Focus on the southern wall, room, or area.

NW  |  N  |  NE

W  | center |  E

SW  |  S  |  SE

Fire is expressed and enhanced by…

  • Reds, oranges, pinks, magenta, maroon
  • lighting, candles, fire place, sunlight
  • triangles, pyramids, cones
  • reflective materials, glass and metals
  • imagery of animals and humans in a group or tribe
  • leather, wool, bone, feathers
  • Images of sunrise and sunset.
  • A little bit of wood is good.
  • Metal and earth items are also good.
  • Water will control and decrease fire.
  • Have one feature of each element in every room.

According to Chinese feng shui philosophy The fire sector of the home embodies your leadership, fame, recognition, and emotional interactions with people. If you feel unheard, or unseen, maybe feel a little coldness or disconnect with you community; you may want to consider enhancing your fire sector. If you have impulsive tendencies, impatience, or aggression at home; decrease the amount of fire elements in the room and bring in more water.

Start Fresh

  1. Go to this spot in your home, and empty everything out except for the furniture. Clean, dust, etc. from the top down. Take down photos, paintings, etc. You can even take the furniture out. This is when a garage really comes in handy. Or a back junk room.
    • the junk room will be addressed over the coarse of the year. I like to save this one for last, because in these first few rounds of energy clearing this room gets super useful.
    • Empty all of the drawers. Toss trash and junk. Place unused items in a box to be gifted out, or set aside for an end of the year yard sale.
    • Use only non-toxic cleaning materials. You can message me for my handy cleaning with essential oils recipe book.
    • Remove all chemical air fresheners, and artificially fragranced candles. Throw these out. Buy a diffuser for essential oils.
    • You can use this time to smudge by burning incense or herbs. I often find that cleaning with open windows and breeze also fulfills this purpose.
  2. Hang out in the space. Enjoy a cup of tea or juice while sitting in different spots looking around. Feel the space.
    • What is the purpose of this room in your home?
    • Is this space used heavily? Is it just walked past? Was there too much stuff for you to even enjoy the space?
    • Give the room a name. Give it a purpose.
    • Place seating where you have the best view.
    • Slowly thoughtfully bring items back into the space.
  3. Rearrange the furniture.
    • Have enough room to freely walk around.
    • View the room from all entryways, and seating locations. Is this pleasing to the eye?
    • Make all repairs, and/or remove anything that is damaged or broken.
    • Wash curtains and blinds. Use a fabric that allows in natural light, while also providing desired amount of privacy.
  4. In this stage only bring back pieces and items that fit the newly defined purpose of the space.
    • Anything that is not visually attractive should be placed in concealed storage. Like baskets, cupboards, drawers, bins, boxes. Use materials that accent the space and work towards increasing or decreasing the fire element. Repurpose items from around your home. Pay attention to color and material.
    • Keep all surfaces as clear as possible.
  5. Lighting.
    • Do you get natural sunlight? Add plants to work as air filters providing fresh oxygen into the room.
    • Dark corners? Add floor or table lamps to allow for beautiful task and mood lighting in the evenings. Go ahead and steal these from other areas of the home.
  6. Decorate to enhance the fire in the home, or to decrease the fire in the home.
    • Use the power of 3 to create interesting clusters of items.
    • go around your home and gather up all of the items you own that are made of the above listed attributes or materials. Use these items to decorate the space.
    • Place one fire item in the southern corner of every room in the house.
  7.  Decrease the fire in your southern room by bringing in water elements, colors, and features. Such as circles, imagery of water, a mini fountain, images of the moon, blues, blacks, and purples.
  8. Support your fire with Wooden objects.
  9. Highlight your fire with Metal and earthen objects.
  10. Make a commitment to honor this space by taking care of it, and not filling it with more junk. This is now a junk free zone.