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Create a chemical free life and reverse disease. Two Workshops this spring, DIY create your own products and leave with a complete set.  

JUNE 2 Non-Toxic Home 

  • Why it matters, truth in sanitation, recipe book, disposable wipes, sprays, and how to with essential oils. Kid, Pet, and Eco Safe.

TBD Non-Toxic Beauty

  • Why it matters, skin deep nutrition, recipe book, make-up guide, sunscreen, bug spray, and how to with essential oils. Kid, Pet, and Eco Safe.



Yoga & Nutrition Workshop Series

Vishuddha, Nutrition and Yoga for your throat chakra.

check out the event on Facebook!


This workshop is a Holistic approach to healing the organs that are most affected in the fall. The cluster of organs that we will address all connect to the lungs and the 5th chakra, including Ear-Nose-n-Throat, Thyroid, Lungs, and Colon.

Learn the in’s and outs of how your 5th chakra connects to
your physical body. Discussion of self care methods specific to ear,
nose, and throat disturbances. Tips for lung and colon cleansing. Plus more about protecting your thyroid.

We will have a discussion and Yoga Asana Practice focussed on opening and balancing the throat chakra. We will also explore clearing out and exercising this area with a guided meditation, breath-work, and using your voice.

Vintage Crystal Jewelry by Gemologist Brianna Brown
Essential Oils, Young Living with Erica Acosta
Art Work by Local Lou
refreshments and homemade Kombucha after.

6 Week Slim Down!

Guess who has been invited to guide the nutrition part of an amazing summer slim down program? YOURS TRULY!!

FREE YOGA at Transcend Wellness. We are pairing up for a Summer Slim Down Program  and Sunday we are hosting a free yoga party for everyone interested. Come learn more about the 6 Week Slim Down, Win Prizes, and Let’s Rock!!

I am so honored to have been asked by Tara at Transcend Wellness to join her in a groundbreaking 6 week slim down!

First, Transcend Wellness is a NEW yoga studio in Marmora, Upper Township. The focus in yoga with classes held in nearly every different style. This is not hot yoga with packed classes. This is truly a beautiful setting graciously guiding beginners into the sport, and launching advanced yogis to a deeper level of practice. Recently a few of her students asked for a summer slim down workshop, and when she asked me to partner up with her I just about ran to the moon and back.

Getting fit is 50% in the gym and 50% in the kitchen. Working out or dieting alone can only get you half way, so we’ve put them together. I also truly believe that one person’s health food can be another person’s poison. Through the principles of Bio-Indivdual nutrition, I will tailor this program to you, no cookie cutter stuff here (maybe some actual cookies though)

My WHOLE Body-Mind healing philosophy will form the foundations for your diet plan throughout the program. That’s right. Each and everyone of you will get a uniquely tailored plan that is unique to each and every one of you. One size fits all nutrition does not work, Just like one size fits all fitness does not work. Tara and I are teaming up to make this program uniquely beautiful for uniquely you. Get it, unique for YOU.

This package covers 3 classes a week of your choosing at the studio, at your preferred times, with your favorite teacher. That gets you in the studio and committed. Now, for the juicy stuff, upgrade just $40 and your package includes a meetings with ME! We will all start together with a kick off session, then catch up every week to discuss your personal nutritional needs, then come back together for an amazing celebration in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

This is an amazing package. My personalized sessions usually run $85 a session and you are getting 6 for $40, Holy mozzarella that’s a lot of cheese you’re saving!

A few of the students asked Tara for a slim down and we couldn’t wait to get this out to you, so we’ll be starting April 12th! Why so soon? We want to get you whipped into shape before those shorts come out of the attic.

What you get:
$60  – 3 classes a week for 6 weeks, your choice. Any time, any teacher.

Plus a Kick off session Sunday April 10th at 3 PM.

Weekly Dietary Guides, personalized nutrition plan, and 30 minutes one on one with me EVERY WEEK.

Get in on the 6 week Slim Down for your best summer ever!


Rachel & Tara

SAVE THE DATE!!! April 10th, Sunday, at 3PM  Info-session and Kick Off Party!!



February 19 & 28, Marmora, NJ


Guided Meditation Classes

Group is guided by me! and hosted by Tara Leigh at Transcend Wellness.

NEW at Transcend Wellness. The art of Meditation is a tool to relieve the build up of stress we all carry. Learn to cultivate mindfulness and living in the NOW. Come join us and re-ignite your home practice, or be inspired to start one. Beginners are welcome and encouraged. Bring your own cushion, pillow, or blanket. Led by Rachel Jamison.

followed by Power Vinyasa

SUNDAY 2/28 12:00 PM

followed by The Beginner Series

Come for peace, stay for practice.

At the Transcend Wellness Studio next to Village Kitchen in Wayside Village. Click for location. Included in your studio membership, all standard rates and studio specials apply.

September 26 & 27, 2015 Somers Point, NJ


Dream Launch Retreat

Are you ready Health Coaches to take your health coaching career to the next level?

For one weekend this fall, a ‪Mastermind gathering at the beach to share how we got over the fear, started booking clients, and launched our dream business. This ‪‎Dream Launch‬ retreat‬ is hosted by three health coaches in different phases of developing our own small businesses. We developed a mastermind group that has been launching our careers at hyper speed! Now we are looking to add more to our group and help bring more health and wellness coaches out into the world! Save the date, and sign up with the link below for more details!

Sign up for special rates! Early bird registration ends next week, August 12!

April 23, 2015 7:00 PM Marmora, NJ


Essential Oils Wine & Cheese Night

I love essential oils, they are so wonderful as perfumes, disinfectants, and even have medicinal applications. Not all essential oil companies are created equal, come learn how to find the good ones. We will also talk about what flavors do what!  Sign up to RSVP and Get the Address!

Plus Stephanie will have special bonus offers, and kits to get you started on your very own collection.

I will be posting event details as we get closer. This is a free event at my house, so come on by! I’ll have yummies, and some wine. 🙂

Hosted by Stephanie Mashas and DoTerra Oils!

Get the Address:

March 12, 2015 7:30 PM Somers Point, NJ


All Natural Cleaning Workshop.

  I am so excited to share my journey of getting healthy! One of the biggest changes that I have made over the years has been to switch to all naturally cleaning. Yes I clean my whole house top to bottom with vinegar, and my house does not smell like egg salad. Come play and learn about how you can have a super power immune system by DETOXING Your HOME of chemicals. Get rid of your asthma, skin irritations, and general allergies! Work Shop is on March 12 in Somers Point! Sign up soon, early bird prices end Friday 3/6!


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