1. Muladhara

The Pause Between Seasons; Equinoxes and Solstices


  • WHEN:
    • Change of Seasons, and last month of Summer.
    • Winter Solstice: Dec 14-28
    • Vernal Equinox: Mar 14-28
    • Summer Solstice: June 14-28
    • Indian Summer: Late August – September
    • Autumnal Equinox: Sept 14-28
  • MIND:
    • A time of pause, the middle path. Take the time to center and ground thoroughly.
  • BODY:
    •  Pancreas, Mouth, Bones, Nose, Stomach, Small Intestine
  • SOUL:
    • A wonderful time to focus on the 1rst Chakra, Muladhara, and the Earth Element.






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