Seasonal Inspiration

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Worn Down By Summer,

I look at some people shinning and in full glory in the summer. That just is not me. I am mostly hot, annoyed, anti-social, and tired. Well that used to be me all year round, cranky  with alternating hot and cold depending on the season. I was always at odds, and just completely uncomfortable. Summer remains to be conquered.

So how do we harmonize with the summer?

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Spring for Change,

the Eb and Flow of Making lasting change.

I do love spring, but when it is here in my face and I have to live it, I find myself complaining. I Look out the door on cold mornings and think ugh, I don’t want to do this today. I sneeze, my joints ache, and I go between grumpily wearing my dirty winter coat or defiantly getting caught out in the cold with too little clothing. It’s uncomfortable. As I drive along and switch my sunglasses off and the wipers on I think, “Isn’t all change kinda like that”?

Isn’t all worthwhile change difficult, uncomfortable, and filled with little failures? Keep Reading…

March 2015 Moon

Our Pisces full moon sits in Virgo. 

March 2015

Don’t be scared of the big bad full moon! She is a wonderful time to manifest what you want for the next month. Now we have Virgo in Pisces. A battle of the mind and the heart. This is a wonderful time to mediate on getting what your heart wants to align with what your mind desires. Those of use with turmoil in the soul will feel very emotionally sensitive right now. So be patient with each-other out there today. Spend sometime alone lost in thought and you may get some answers.


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