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The Power Up and Empower Series are all made up of one on one programs designed to balance the hormones and cleanse the body. I have been immersing myself into the alternative health and wellness sphere for over 9 years now, and these programs are the accumulative project of that knowledge.

These programs grew out of my desire to teach others how to heal their own bodies by focusing on clean living and seasonal attunement. It is not just the food we eat, but also the chemicals we surround ourselves with, and the thought patterns in our heads that come together to influence the quality of our lives. The quality of life is also directly tied to our overall level of personal health. In these programs I will share with you my experience, my knowledge, and my love of research to get to the bottom of all of your health concerns.

How it works is simple! We have SEVEN centers in the body that connect to a major Endocrine Gland, Nerve Bundle, and Organ System. These centers also line up with spiritual centers in the body based in the Hindi, Buddhist, and Tibetan Religions called Chakras. Even further they connect with the elements of nature, the seasons, and a set of emotions based in Ancient Native American and Chinese Medicines. Our ancient peoples all knew about these centers. All of their theories match up to form a massive amount of wisdom about how our mind, body, and soul is completely integrated. This integration allows us to attack disease with precision from multiple angles. With the accumulative knowledge of these sacred seven locations in the body we can balance, align, and rejuvenate from head to toe.

All of my six month programs start with a classic Health History and a Bio-Mapping Session. These sessions are also available to be used as stand alone appointments. These sessions will reveal clues to guide us to get to the root cause of whatever ails you. Read more about these sessions at the bottom of the page. We will uncover which organs and chakra centers are struggling in your body right now. Aligning and balancing the system is the ultimate goal.

In addition each season of my programs study one center and how it connects to the body as a whole. We will address your physical and emotional health in that organ set and use personalized easy lifestyle and nutritional changes to guide you to a path of lessened disease more in harmony with the natural order.

Regain your youth and energy. Get back your vitality. And turn disease around.

Side effects may include but are not limited to, a peaceful mindset, increased sensuality, a case of the giggles, complete paradigm shifts, and a new way of seeing the world.

Call me to set up your first appointment! It does not matter where you are in the world, or where you are in your journey. Click for more information



You are a complete system. No one organ operates solo. Nor do your emotions function separately from your organs. Further still you do not exist in a vacuum. Everything is connected. Everything influences everything. In order to truly heal one must address the whole system, environment, and mind. In order to truly heal, the approach must be holistic and unique to every individual. There is no one being out there like you. You my friend are truly individual and the healing journey at Pickling Salt is always custom tailored.


Full Programs


  • Independent study. If you are looking to dip your toes into the water, or for those looking for a guided maintenance plan.
  • I designed this program for the self-motivated person who wants a little space to explore and take their time getting into their journey.
  • In this plan we will create an Action Plan that we will follow together. This allows for more support and motivation as opposed to going it alone. As well I am here to help you trouble shoot things that are not working for you. Sometimes things work more quickly in our bodies and I will be here to celebrate with you and guide you into the next steps. At other times things work more slowly, or not at all for your body. I will be there to help navigate the pitfalls and explore different avenues until we find what works.
  • Includes
    • Health History Session
    • Bio-Mapping Session
    • Custom plan and road map for your bio-individual needs
    • Specific food and dietary guidelines
    • Weekly Newsletters full of motivation, tips, and guidance.
    • Action Steps at every meeting
    • Meet every two weeks, or twice a month



  • Full immersion. For those ready to start a journey into a life of vitality and wellness. We will learn how your body works, and tap into potent healing and recovery unique for you.
  • Deeper study into the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and how east meets west in science and medicine.
  • Our sessions will also include more education on the why and how food does what it does when we consume it.
  • You will receive everything above and more!
    • Health History Session
    • Bio-Mapping Session
    • Manifest It goal setting session
    • Grocery Store navigation
    • Food Label workshop
    • In depth support, and curiosity research.
    • Custom plan and road map for your bio-individual needs
    • Specific food and dietary guidelines
    • Weekly Newsletters full of motivation, tips, and guidance.
    • Action Steps at every meeting
    • Meet every two weeks, or twice a month
    • Weekly motivation and Encouragement.
    • Weekly Check Ins for first month.


The Empowerment Sessions, $245/mo.

  • Go Deeper. In depth discovery of how your body responds to food and the environment. We will uncover the root of disease, and use food and therapy to conquer it. This series includes meal plans, detoxes, rejuvenation, and more!
  • Meal Planning!! This program includes the custom meal plan package!
  • You will receive everything above and more!
    • Health History Session
    • Bio-Mapping Session
    • Manifest It goal setting session
    • Grocery Store navigation & Food Label workshop
    • Custom Cleanse, Detox, or Tonify
    • Kictchen Purge or Bathroom Blow Out
    • Specific food and dietary guidelines
    • Weekly Newsletters full of motivation, tips, and guidance.
    • Action Steps at every meeting
    • Meet every two weeks, or twice a month
    • Weekly Meetings for first month!
    • Weekly Check Ins for the whole program
    • Unlimited text or email support

Meal Plan Extension Pack, $40/mo.

  • You have asked for it, and now it’s finally here! You will receive recipes geared to inspire and support. Food will be tailored to your program, dosha, and the season.
  • We will share cooking tips and techniques. Plus facts and details about featured ingredients.
  • Add on to any plan! Or purchase on it’s own, what, that’s right.
  • Members enrolled in a full program will receive more specific foods and meal plans based on their bio-individual needs.
  • Purchased as a stand alone package, members will received general clean eating meal plans in tune with the season.



Single Sessions

Health History*, $50

  • Introductory Consultation. Learn the philosophy, gain insight, and focus points for your current health concerns. We will go over your personal health history and that of your ancestry.
  • Introduction to Pickling Salt nutritional theory
  • Receive a guide to seasonal attunement
  • Current season guidelines
  • Bio-individual key action points
  • monthly newsletter
  • Come with…
    • notebook or journal
    • blood type
    • names of all prescriptions currently taking
    • names of all supplements currently taking

Full Bio-Map*, $125

  • A Health History with more in depth analysis. Discover your dosha, or Ayurvedic Constitution, and state of the elements in your body.
  • Map the natural balance of the elements in your mind, body, and soul.
  • Receive a custom tailored action plan with key ares of focus to take back control of your healing journey.
  • Includes education about your current ailments, and insight into how your body works uniquely from others.
  • Includes nutritional guidelines and comprehensive food list to help guide you.
  • Uncover your chakras, and see which one is asking for more attention.

Seasonal Tune Up**, $85

  • Continued growth session, suggested every 3-4 months post Bio-Mapping or for returning clients.
  • Every season brings changes to the world around us. Foods and lifestyles that do well in the summer can bring disease in the winter.
  • This session is to guide those working to regain control over their health adjust to the changes in the environment.
  • Existing action plans will be adjusted, re-worked, and expanded.
  • Successes will be celebrated.
  • Set backs will  be troubleshooted.
  • Receive current seasonal guide book.

Manifest IT, $75

  • Feeling stuck? This is a explosive session geared to tap into what truly makes you happy.
  • Get clarity and build out a strategy to get you headed into the life of your dreams.
  • Workbook to strategize 1 year focused on achieving forward momentum.
  • 4 follow ups scheduled throughout the year, and an end of the year celebration.
  • Come With…
    • no fear
    • your dreams
    • your planner



* price is refunded upon signing up for a full 6 month program.

** only available to those who have previously enjoyed a full bio-map session. As well all programs will receive this service trickled throughout the months.


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