Yoga Classes


Power Yoga – 60 mins

All Levels, classes are designed around achieving fitness of body, while connecting to breath, and calming the mind. My classes are designed around the development of your personal yoga asana practice, and adjusted to fit everyone that enters the room. Many variations and alternative modifications are given to help you find your edge.  A class where advanced yogis practice alongside beginners, in a truly challenging yet supportive environment.

E.H.T. / Northfield : 10:30 am, W 6 am, F 10:30 am

Candle Light Vibes – 60 mins

Everything above with a little more. Each class starts with a guided meditation around a theme. Flow builds up into Baptiste style power asana. With a deep wind down into restorative postures. Breath work mixes in throughout the whole class. Vibe with us. Thursday nights.

E.H.T. / Northfield : Th 6:30 pm


Tilton Fitness: 3022 Hingston Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234


Meditation and Mobility. –  75 mins

Yin Yoga is a combination of Indian yogic theory, and the Chinese philosophy of balancing the elements. Each class follows along a meridian path tapping into the energy of a single set of organs, nerve plexus, and musculoskeletal group. The movements and postures are held for a time to open up the hard tissues, scar tissue, fascia, tendons, and ligaments that may be constricting circulation and limiting mobility. This class can be used as a supplement to any fitness regimen, advancing the student’s level of functional flexibility and strength, while creating a sound mind through various mediative techniques and breath work. Inspired by yin yoga creator, Paulie Zink’s approach including both yin and yang, and is intended to be a complete practice in itself. All Levels.

Ocean City: Sun 8 am, W 7:30 pm


910 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226


Paddle Board Yoga and Dock Yoga – 90 mins

Get out on the water!

Coming SOON!! Stay tuned for upcoming schedule! Now launching off of 10th street into the bay in Ocean City! This promises to be a summer full of fabulous sunrises and sunsets, out in the beautiful great egg harbor bay.

All classes begin with light drills and skills, followed by a paddle through the bay to a scenic location. Here we toss the anchors and settle into a full yoga asana flow. Followed by the most fabulous savasana song sung by the local birds. Followed by another glorious paddle back to the dock.

This year we will also be featuring dock yoga, fitness paddle, and adventure paddle. All class spots must be reserved by the night before. Private group sessions are also available.


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